TVB Host, Patrick Sir, and Actress, Kimmy Kwan, Pregnant with First Child

TVB Host, Patrick Sir, and Actress, Kimmy Kwan, Pregnant with First Child

It is the season of good tidings and happy announcements. Following Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Jennifer Yu’s (余香凝) pregnancy announcements, TVB host, Patrick Kwan (林溥來), and his actress wife, Kimmy Kwan (關宛珊), announced their pregnancy on Boxing Day. Patrick Kwan revealed Kimmy Kwan is five months pregnant with a baby boy and joked that she will have to deal with the boy band, including their dog, DonDon.

Kimmy Kwan said when they started dating, there was already a third party in their relationship, their dog, Don Don, and now with their baby coming soon, he’s going to be a fourth party. She also said they’ve been planning to have children since last year, but they had to postpone their plans until after finishing their move, afraid the construction would effect pregnant women and the baby.

She also praised Patrick Sir for being so considerate during her pregnancy. It has been her husband who has mostly been going to the supermarket to buy groceries. After he finishes filming and hosting, he comes back with bags full of groceries.

Patrick Sir and Kimmy Kwan met each other while filming a show in 2011. They got married secretly in Guam in 2016. Patrick Sir is known for being an English tutor. He signed with TVB in 2009 and signed a management contract in 2018. He has been hosting the major TVB events like Miss Hong Kong pageant and the TVB Anniversary Gala Show. Kimmy Kwan signed with TVB in 2008 and has mostly done supporting roles.

Credit: TOPick, IG (1, 2)