Yang Mi Explains Why She Rejected Joining “Sisters Who Make Waves”

Yang Mi Explains Why She Rejected Joining Sisters Who Make Waves

Yang Mi (杨幂) has been making a lot of variety show appearances lately. She has been trending on Weibo for her sharp and candid responses. She guested on the show, “Bye 2020 Comedy Night (脱口秀反跨年), which is like a stand up comedy talk show. For Yang Mi’s set, she started off saying, “I was never really an A-list female artist nor any kind of a female boss. I am just a normal beautiful girl.”

Yang Mi then revealed she was actually invited to join “Sisters Who Make Waves” (乘风破浪的姐姐), but she rejected them because she couldn’t sing or dance. The show was relentless and wouldn’t give up. So Yang Mi told them she’ll sing a song, which was off-key and immediately led the show to immediately give up and say, “Ok! Don’t come!”. Yang Mi then explained the real reason she didn’t join the show was that the audience members only like to see the contestants pull their hair back. Yang Mi then shows off her hairline, which has often been a subject of discussion among netizens for receding really far back, and said, “I think my hairline won’t be able to last a few weeks.”, which elicited applause from the crowd.

Kitty Zhang (张雨绮) was also a guest on this episode. Yang Mi said, “Look at Yuqi (Kitty Zhang) now, she keeps getting more popular. Her body keeps getting better. Her forehead seems to be getting brighter.” Kitty Zhang says she didn’t pull it. Yang Mi responds, “Definitely didn’t pull it. It’s not like we saw [you] in the official video.”, hinting Kitty Zhang wasn’t shown on camera that much on “Sisters Who Make Waves”.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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