Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestant, Yancy Wong, Denies Coming from Billionaire Family

Miss Hong Kong 2020 Contestant, Yancy Wong, Denies Coming from Billionaire Family

Miss Hong Kong 2020 contestant, Yancy Wong (黃婉恩), was one of the few contestants who signed with TVB. After the competition, she was assigned to be a host for TVB’s Entertainment News. She recently uploaded a picture of her staying at a hospital after getting surgery on her foot. In an interview with hk01.com, Yancy Wong revealed she is actually staying in a semi-private room at a private hospital.

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Since joining TVB Entertainment News as a host, Yancy Wong had only been working for a little over a month before she had to stop work due to her foot injury. When she was competing for Miss Hong Kong, many news outlet had reported Yancy Wong came from a wealthy family and didn’t need to work. To these rumors, Yancy Wong said she didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. She said, “It would be great if I had billions in wealth! I am just a very fortunate girl. I have the support and tolerance of my family members. In addition, the people around me gave me a very wonderful life. It’s actually my mother who raised me by herself.”

Yancy Wong also revealed her family of 5 are all living in England except for her. She lives in Hong Kong by herself, but has her grandmother and aunt to help her. As she will be immobile for the next two months, she hopes to brush up on her Cantonese and Mandarin.

When it comes to money, Yancy Wong revealed her mother has businesses in England and would ask her every month if she had enough money to spend. She said, “I don’t want to bother her. I saved some money when I used to work at a bank. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s not too little either. It’s enough for my daily expenses.” Yancy Wong revealed she and her boyfriend are also learning how to invest in stocks. She is dating Bosco Ho, the nephew of a local Hong Kong politician, Junius Ho.

Credit: hk01, Yancy Wong IG