Xiao Zhan Says His Life is Very Similar to His Character, “Tang San” in “Doulou Continent

Xiao Zhan Says His Life is Very Similar to His Character, "Tang San" in "Doulou Continent

With 2020 behind him, Xiao Zhan (肖战) is off to a great 2021. Xiao Zhan’s series, “Douluo Continent” (斗罗大陆), finally aired on February 5. The series was filmed from February 2019 to July 2019. Xiao Zhan also dubbed the series with his own voice. From Tencent’s synopsis:

It tells the story of “Tang San” who overcomes many difficulties to protect his loved ones, bring honor to his sect, help his country and become the strongest and bravest soul master. Having lost his mother, “Tang San” and his father depended on each other to survive. Because he had to bear heavy burdens since childhood, “Tang San” grew up meticulous and mature for his age. “Tang San” awakened his powers when he was six years old and was sent to an academy for training. He becomes a disciple of “Yu Xiaogang” and looks after the orphaned “Xiao Wu” as her older brother.

In a recent interview with CCTV, Xiao Zhan mentioned his character, “Tang San”, was actually very similar to his own life. He said, “I think life is very miraculous. I think this is very similar to ‘Tang San’s’ fate. He isn’t someone who said he would become someone like this from the beginning. He was brought out by fate to walk forward. Once I reach the next stage, I will do my best.”

Prior to joining the industry, Xiao Zhan was working as a graphics designer in his hometown Chongqing. During his college days, he was the head of his school’s choir, head of the art troupe, and represented his school in cultural performances. In 2015, the survival show “X-FIRE” reached out to one of Xiao Zhan’s teachers to get his contact information to invite him on the show. Xiao Zhan ended up joining the show and debuted as a member of X-NINE in 2016. The rest is history.

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9 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan Says His Life is Very Similar to His Character, “Tang San” in “Doulou Continent

  1. I didn’t expect to like Doulou Continent but I’m a HUGE Xiao Zhan fan and I really enjoyed it. I’m so happy for him to be so successful and content with his life. I was surprised that he dubbed his own voice–i’ll have to go back and watch it for that…please be in the sequel…don’t switch actors! It ruins the story…I’ll be waiting patiently watching “The Untamed” until the sequel comes out LOLOL

  2. I’m a huge Nigerian fan of#Xiaozhan swrs his characters suits him great ,and indeed he has a cool personality anybody will fall for , speaking of his wonderious voice with all sincerity it melts the heart to find peace 😊♥️and I think the character #wuxian suits him great🙌 am anticipating meeting him one day

  3. I enjoy watching Douluo Continent a lot. I’m not the one who usually like these type of film, with magical powers and things, but so far, I’m sticking to my phone and make sure I don’t miss any new episodes that comes on 8pm for my time zone. I love Xiao Zhan!

  4. I’m an avid fan of Xiao Zhan from Philippines. I believed that he is a very talented, incredible, amazing actor and a singer. He has a unique charm that no one else has.
    I’m already a grandmother and yet I fell on his persona. That’s a wonder….

  5. His personality is amazing and very down to earth with amazing talent his singing and acting are both excellent.. Every characters he played you directly fell the connections..now currently watching #douloucontinent 💓💓but hopefully soon ALBUMS. 🙏His voice is very soothing and relaxing.even though you don’t understand the lyrics but the pull you can’t resist is very strong and you can’t ignore.. Beside I am very satisfied and enjoy until I already memorize some of the lyrics. #XiaoZhan #SeanXiao are good role model to everyone his positive attitude /outlook for life are very good.. Even though you struggle hard in every path you steps but the end result you survived /succeed with heart of full strength and determination. 💪💪😘❤️

  6. I enjoy seeing Xiao Zhan on my screen and love his extra dedication to his dramas to then do the whole drama again by dubbing it❤️

  7. Kind of a waste that he was a graphic designer before. I bet he would’ve made bank in sales with a face like that

  8. I am a huge US fan of Xiao Zhan, and while I am only on episode 8, I have felt so many emotions. His character, Tang San, represents so many of us and watching the raw emotions that Xiao Zhan puts into his characters is so overwhelming. He never ceases to amaze me in his overwhelming talent to make sure you feel so in tune with his portrayal of someone. I feel this character in my heart and that’s what makes an amazing actor. If you ever watch, Xiao Zhan act, be prepared because you will be overwhelmed with pure true emotions. He is an absolute genius of an actor. The beautiful feelings of love, pain, sadness, joy, and protectiveness are all there in his portrayal of any of his characters. It’s an honor to be his fan.

    1. Thank you Pam for your comments about this young man. As a fellow American, I will just say ditto to your characterization of Xian. Yes, the manner in which he presents himself on screen or in person is very rare and unusual in the world of entertainment. My concern for him is that he will remain rock solid and not be detained or derailed by gargantuan pride, but abound in thanksgiving and humility, which I do see in his persona now.

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