Jennifer Shum Wasn’t Into Her Husband’s Appearance When They First Met

Jennifer Shum Wasn't Into Her Husband's Looks When They First Met

Newlywed Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) and her husband, Kelvin, tied the knot last November. She finally showed a full frontal picture of her husband on Valentine’s Day. Jennifer Shum kept the details of her relationship very private when she was dating her husband.

Jennifer Shum Officially Ties the Knot with Finance Whiz Fiancé

On a recent episode of the TVB show, “Master’s Talk”, Jennifer Shum was a guest along with good friends, Tracy Chu, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), and Angel Chiang. When talking about the topic of marrying well, Tracy Chu and Jennifer Shum were the highlights of the discussion. Jennifer Shum revealed, “When my husband and I first met, I had no interest at all. I really didn’t like him. I didn’t understand why my friend would introduce him to me. His appearance wasn’t the type I was looking for.”

Jennifer Shum further explained, “I am very shallow. I originally planned to just find someone in the entertainment industry for convenience. It wasn’t until I met my husband. He is simply the best. I feel he has more advantages, way more than I imagined.

When asked what the best thing about Kelvin is, Jennifer Shum gushed, “Too much, a lot.” Roxanne Tong revealed Jennifer Shum is the one who looks for cute guys the most out of their group. She said even though Jennifer Shum’s husband is also a good looking guy, it’s just he isn’t a good looking guy for entertainment industry standards. However, Roxanne Tong praised Jennifer Shum for getting a good husband.

Credit: TOPick, Jennifer Shum IG