Talu Wang and Li Qin Address Backlash Over Their Back Hug in “Happy Camp” Skit

Talu Wang and Li Qin Address Backlash Over His Back Hug on Li Qin in Happy Camp Skit

Talu Wang (王大陸) and Li Qin (李沁) are guests in this week’s episode of “Happy Camp” (快乐大本营). The show released a preview on February 17 of the two of them acting out a skit where Talu Wang wraps his arms around Li Qin in a back hug. The preview stirred up a heated debate among netizens. Many felt Talu Wang was inappropriately hugging Li Qin and made her feel uncomfortable. Talu Wang quickly trended on Weibo because of the controversy.

Shortly after midnight on February 18, Talu Wang addressed the backlash and explained, “Two actors responded to the show’s request to perform as a “couple in cold weather”. As a work partner and good friend, we were just completing the work we should be doing. I hope those people with motives won’t speculate and waste everyone’s attention. Deeply sorry.”

Li Qin reposted Talu Wang’s post and said, “Performed quite well, ‘Wolf Boy’ is quite warm.” Talu Wang and Li Qin became good friends after starring in “The Wolf” (狼殿下) together. Some netizens defended Talu wang saying the hug was over analyzed and that his hands were on Li Qin’s arms. However, some netizens noted Li Qin looked uncomfortable and still felt Talu Wang crossed the line.

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5 thoughts on “Talu Wang and Li Qin Address Backlash Over Their Back Hug in “Happy Camp” Skit

  1. This is just an extended movie act of the wolf drama. So what is the problem? They usually kiss each other in front of camera?

  2. From the video, it already revealed Li Qin was embarassed and felt uncomfortable being molested by a wolf sex maniac actor who cannot control himself. Of course Li Qin later must protect their show and not condemn the wolf harassment. Let us all face the fact and stop being a fool to support your star blindly. Although he is your idol, he is not you so you are should be honest to yourself. So stop supporting a crime even he is your idol dream or whatever. What if your daughter, girlfriend or yourself being molested?

  3. Are you kidding me? Langzai is so professional and make it so real. Ppl would complain if he did a poor acting job and complain for a great acting job. She is the one who messed up a bit with her eye roll, unless she was supposed to act shy. But I still love her.

  4. both are professional actors by profession and really quality actors. Wang Talu is really handsome and very manly in appearance even without make up. became fan of both because of the wolf. i dont see anything wong in this scene as a woman. cheers

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