How a Dance Battle Made “CHUANG 2021” Trainees, Liu Yu and Santa, the Second Most Popular CP on Weibo

Two “CHUANG 2021” (创造营 2021) trainees, Liu Yu (刘宇) and Santa (赞多), became the talk amongst fans, Chinese and international, because of a dance battle that took place on the February 20 episode. When it came to the freestyle dance battle, Liu Yu named Japanese trainee and world renowned street dance champion, Santa, as someone he wanted to challenge. Santa happily obliged.

The dance battle was between Liu Yu, Santa, and Xue Bayi. However, as the dance battle progressed, Xue Bayi (薛八一) was turning into the third wheel among Liu Yu and Santa, who seemed to be in their own worlds.

Because of their unplanned synchronized movements, it created a huge CP fanbase in China for Liu Yu and Santa. Three days ago, CP fans created their own couples’ super topic on Weibo and has amassed over 180,000 fans and ranked second in the CP charts at the time. Their CP name is “Hao Duo Yu” (好多宇), which is comprised of the “Duo” in Santa’s Chinese name, Zan Duo, and “Yu” from Liu Yu. The name is a play on the characters, “多余” (duoyu), which means extra, unnecessary, or excessive, so their name “Hao Duo Yu” means very excessive.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)