Zhang Heng Reveals Visa was Approved, Friend Claims Zheng Shuang’s Alleged Request to Postpone Trial Denied by Judge

Alleged Recording Suspected to be of Zheng Shuang and Her Parents Suggesting to Abandon, Give Up Babies for Adoption with Zhang Heng's Father

Zheng Shuang (郑爽) and Zhang Heng (张恒) had an initial court session on February 22 in the District Courts of Denver, Colorado in the US for their divorce and custody battle. This was reportedly a “status conference” and didn’t require either parties to attend in person.

After the trial, Zhang Heng’s friend went on Weibo alleging Zheng Shuang’s side had requested to postpone their March 22 court case to July. However, the judge reportedly rejected the request. Their first official trial for their divorce and custody battle will take place on March 22 as scheduled.

Zhang Heng gave an update on the morning of February 24. He wrote on Weibo, “Thankful the visa got approved today. Also thankful the unreasonable request was rejected or else it would be unreasonably delayed until the summer.” Zhang Heng later deleted the post.

Many netizens questioned the validity of Zhang Heng and his friend’s claims about Zheng Shuang’s side requesting a postponement. They explained she is the plaintiff, the one who initiated the case to sue Zhang Heng, so why would she want or need to postpone the case? Many of the comments were asking when Zhang Heng would repay the backpay he owes to his former employees.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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