Netizen Claiming to be “Youth With You 3” Trainee, Wei Hongyu’s Ex-Girlfriend Says Allegations are True and Calls for His Withdrawal from the Show

Netizen Claiming to be Youth With You 3 Trainee, Wei Hongyu's Ex-Girlfriend Claims Allegations are True and Calls for His Withdrawal from the Show

“Youth With You 3” trainee (青春有你 3), Wei Hongyu (魏宏宇), who received the first A ranking on the show, has been involved in serious allegations about his “messy private life” the past few days. The allegations include cheating on his ex-girlfriend, hooking up with multiple women, and even accused of trying to get a girl drunk to sleep with him. His company, BF Entertainment, and fan club have already issued statements denying all the allegations and claim these rumors are false. However, on February 24, a netizen by the name of Rui Jiali (睿佳李) claims to be Wei Hongyu’s ex-girlfriend and is threatening to show “concrete evidence” that would confirm all the allegations made about his “messy private life”, unless his company retracts their statement and publicly apologizes.

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Rui Jiali told Wei Hongyu’s fans that she already had all the evidence ready and told them “to sit down and be prepared”, in response to their claims that she is not his ex-girlfriend and that she is only doing this for clout to get on the hot search trends. Rui Jiali uploaded pictures of her and Wei Hongyu and said, “I don’t need to prove the validity of my identity to you guys. Who am I? Wei Hongyu knows it the best. Fans from a few years ago also know it very well.”

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In regards to fans’ request for her to provide concrete evidence, Rui Jiali responded, “Under the premise that the company retracts their statement and publicly apologizes, I won’t hit him with real evidence and I won’t dig up the past. Once everything concludes, I will block all the accounts. Don’t say I am trying to do this for hype. Lastly, “Did you apologize? I only ask once.” She included the hashtags, “Wei Hongyu” and “BF Entertainment” in her post.

Rui Jiali uploaded a video clip showing the lower half of her face and made the following remarks:

“Firstly, regarding the comments about Wei Hongyu not paying back debts, hooking up, cheating, and deceiving and insulting women, all those words and behavior, they are all true. In these few years, after he hurt me, because my mental state was not good, I am indeed taking medication…I know everyone will stand by his side to attack me. I am not trying to get pity from you guys. I don’t like this type of traffic. Because to use this type of method to gain clout has no use on ordinary people like us.

Secondly, I never thought about exposing him. Now that he’s on a show, smart people will say that I am trying to gain clout by coming out now. I haven’t directly exposed him yet because I have a good relationship with his mother and older sister and indeed is worried about him. Why I am posting about it now is because his company addressed a statement and has put me at risk of being sued. Why did he become the victim? If I didn’t have enough evidence, I wouldn’t speak out either. We’ve already broken up ages ago. Wei Hongyu hasn’t repaid his debts. Now that he is famous, everyone is bringing all sorts of evidence to me asking to repay it.”

Rui Jiali from her video

Rui Jiali goes on to say that a lot of old fans asked her the reason for their breakup, but she never revealed it. She also says she never exposed him about the girls he allegedly hurt in the past because she could handle it on her own then, but it doesn’t mean she won’t expose him from here on out.

She reiterates once more, “I absolutely emphasize my request is for BF Entertainment to retract their statement and publicly apologize. Why were those posts considered untrue under no proven circumstances? I request you to show evidence and also request Wei Hongyu to personally withdraw from the show, apologize to BF Entertainment and also apologize to all star chasing girls and fans you cheated, and all the women you insulted.”

Rui Jiali stresses once again that she doesn’t want to expose him, but if she doesn’t get an apology, they better come sue her. She claims her “concrete evidence” is all true and is willing take responsibility for all that content. BF Entertainment hasn’t responded to Rui Jiali’s claims yet.

Rui Jiali’s video:

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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  1. The woman is really sick..I hope she will get punished for what shes doing now..I hope the media wont destroy this young mans life and also must support him and give him justice.

  2. I think she’s just doing this for clout or maybe she couldn’t stand to see him happily chasing his dream so she wants to ruin him. she’s all talk and no real evidence. give us all the evidence then he can withdraw from the show.

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