Daddi Tang Xiaotian Addresses Spitting in the Streets while His Studio Denies Dating Rumors

Daddi Tang Xiaotian Addresses Spitting in the Streets while Work Studio Denies Dating Rumors

On April 6, rumors started going viral of “My Little Happiness” actor, Daddi Tang Xiaotian (唐晓天), being in a relationship when paparazzi caught a video of him and a female companion coming out of a restaurant. The female companion was seen holding onto Daddi Tang’s arm and leaning on him while he was on the phone. At one point, Daddi Tang is smoking and spits in the streets. Daddi Tang looked like he was a bit tipsy as he started singing, which was when the female companion in the video shut him up with her hand.

The video went viral and Daddi Tang started trending a few hours later at #1 with the hashtag, “Tang Xiaotian romance”. Daddi Tang’s work studio made a statement denying the dating rumors, “Regarding today’s video on the topic of Tang Xiaotian’s romance, the woman in the video is a staff member that has worked with him for many years. The two of them have no romantic relations. On the day of the video, the cast gathered together for a meal. Good friends gathered together and happily drank. The behavior is indeed improper. I apologize to everyone right here. The artist and the team will go through a thorough review. Public figures should exercise even stricter self discipline. In the future, we will urge the artists to be cautious of their words and actions in their work and personal lives to set the correct example!”

Daddi Tang made a statement about him spitting in the streets, saying, “I am very sorry I set a bad example. I accept everyone’s criticisms. I will focus on my own civilized behavior in the future and absolutely won’t do it again!” Daddi Tang didn’t address the dating rumors.

Despite the denials, this news comes as a big blow to many shippers of Daddi Tang and Xing Fei as there were yxh accounts the previous night teasing a “CP from a sweet series with some popularity earlier this year”, and “relationship of up and coming male artist with over 8 million followers would be exposed” on April 6. They used a silhouette picture of Daddi Tang and Xing Fei from “My Little Happiness”, which led to people thinking it was their relationship. Prior to the video coming out, Xing Fei’s fan club had earlier issued a statement that they had already reached out to Xing Fei’s studio and they said Xing Fei had nothing to do with the rumors going viral.

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