Myolie Wu Announces the Birth of Her Third Baby Boy

Myolie Wu Announces the Birth of Her Third Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order for Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and her husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), as they announced the birth of their third son, Liam, today! Myolie Wu chose to announce it at 13:14, which represents “one lifetime” in Chinese. The couple have two sons together, Brendan and Ryan.

Myolie Wu spoke to the media and said that they’re done having kids and won’t be chasing for more kids. She revealed baby Liam was born before Easter. She only chose to announce it today as she was busy taking care of the baby.

Myolie Wu said, “Thank you everyone for your blessings! I didn’t think he would be that heavy, over 8 lbs. It was a natural birth. It was a bit difficult giving birth to him because he’s so big. My husband also accompanied me in the delivery room. The baby looks like a mix between his two older brothers. When they saw their younger brother, they were very happy, curious, and fought to kiss him and see him. The baby is very good right now and easy to take care of.”

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