Hans Zhang Can’t Accept Marrying Someone That Doesn’t Make His Heart Flutter

Hans Zhang Can't Accept Marrying Someone That Doesn't Make His Heart Flutter

Hans Zhang (张翰) is a cast member on Mango TV variety show, “Beginner in the Workplace” (初入职场的我们), which documents new workers joining the workforce. In the first episode preview, the topic of marriage comes up. He starts off saying, “There is no second take for a lot of things. Once you miss out on it, you miss out.”

Turning 37 this year, Hans Zhang hasn’t had any publicly known relationships since his breakup with actress, Gulinazha, in 2017. He explained, “Because once people reach the step of marriage, should they be sensible or rational? There are two choices. Would you rather have a suitable person to marry or someone that makes your heart flutter?”

He once thought that he could just cast aside heart fluttering and just look for someone suitable to marry and explained, “However, I can’t accept not having the feeling of heart fluttering and then wanting to be with her forever and get married. I can’t accept this.”

When asked if there was no need to work in this world, Hans Zhang responded, “I want to encounter a person I love and then [live] with my parents and go through life together everyday.” Hans Zhang’s manager urged him to hurry and find a girlfriend and explained, “I’ve always wanted him to look for someone truly worthy of his love.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)