SNH48 Member, Sun Rui, Gets Harassed by Man Trying to Hit on Her at a Restaurant

SNH48 member, Sun Rui (孙芮), was live streaming while dining with other members at a hotpot restaurant on April 25. During her meal, she was constantly being harassed by a man in the next table. He would constantly knock on the glass separator, get up to look at them, and display a wretched smile towards Sun Rui.

This person kept bothering them and even asked Sun Rui to be friends on WeChat. Sun Rui had complained to a server about this person’s actions. However, a female server came back with the stranger’s QR code and even loudly asked the shady man, “Which girl? What hair?” The shady man responded, “Black and long straight hair.” The server gave it to Sun Rui to swipe it so they can exchange contacts.

This all happened while Sun Rui was streaming. At one point, her face gets red and she is seen teary-eyed. Sun Rui was quite outraged by the actions of this man and the restaurant staff for aiding them. So she slammed her chopsticks against the table and shouted, “Are you done?! You think I’ll endure this? I won’t tolerate this behavior.” Sun Rui and her table of guests reportedly got up and left. The restaurant didn’t ask them to pay either. The two men were startled and afraid of Sun Rui after she let out her anger. Sun Rui later deleted the stream.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)