Chris Wu Kang-ren Attends Ivy Shao’s Concert and Posts Pictures from the “Boyfriend Angle”

Chris Wu Kang-ren (吳慷仁) and Ivy Shao (邵雨薇) reconciled their relationship last November and have been going strong ever since. On April 30, it was Ivy Shao’s concert and Wu Kang-ren showed up backstage to support her. Wu Kang-ren showed up 15 minutes prior to the concert starting. When he encountered the media, he said, “Thank you, please be careful of your steps.”, and then went backstage.

On May 3, Wu Kang-ren showed off even more PDA by uploading a picture of Ivy Shao’s back when she was about to go on stage from the “boyfriend angle”. He also added the caption, “I think this type of tranquility before going on stage can be felt whether they’re a singer or a theater actor. As a bystander, I felt it was new and incredible, a kind of focused breathing, making people feel awe-inspired.”

Prior to this, Wu Kang-ren once joked about Ivy Shao not inviting him to be a guest at her concert. It turns out Ivy Shao had already asked good friend, Austin Lin (林柏宏), so this only left Wu Kang-ren to show support silently.

Credit: ETtoday, Ivy Shao IG