Jason Chan’s Wife, Leanne Fu, Terminates Pregnancy After Baby Tests Positive for Edwards Syndrome

Jason Chan's Wife, Leanne Fu, Terminates Pregnancy After Baby Tests Positive for Edward's Syndrome

Hong Kong singer, Jason Chan (陳柏宇), and his wife Leanne Fu (符曉薇), had their daughter, Abigail, in 2018. After Abigail, the couple hoped to have another child. Leanne Fu got pregnant last May, but discovered it was an ectopic pregnancy and needed urgent surgery, which ended the pregnancy. On May 5, Leanne Fu once again had to deliver the bad news that she was pregnant once again, but had to terminate the pregnancy as the baby was diagnosed with Edwards syndrome.

Leanne Fu posted about her experience on Instagram revealing she was was 10 weeks along. However, when she went for her check up 10 weeks and 5 days in, the doctor told her the baby had thick neck skin and had to do a blood test to determine if it had Down syndrome or heart problems. After discussing with Jason Chan, they said they could accept it if their baby had Down syndrome (T21), “We have the ability to take care of you and give you unlimited amounts of love.” While the baby didn’t have T21, it was positive for Edwards syndrome (T18).

The doctor told Leanne Fu the baby had no separation of the left and right brains, severe heart problems, no nasal bone, the intestines were growing outside, the hand was missing a bone, the feet are curved, and many more problems. The doctor suggested not to do chorionic villus sampling because even if the baby didn’t have T18, it still had many severe defects. In the end, they decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Before the procedure, Leanne Fu and Jason Chan decided to take a family photo with Abigail and their baby. Leanne Fu explained when she was pregnant with Abigail, she didn’t take any maternity photos. So this was her tiny wish as Leanne Fu said, “Because I believe this is the last time I will be pregnant. I already don’t have the courage to take another blow. During the journey of the pregnancy, I have already drained all my tears dried, my heart is broken.”

Lastly, Leanne Fu apologized to Jason Chan, saying, “Because I am unlucky, you had to bear this pain with me. You are right, we shouldn’t be greedy. Having Abi is already enough.” Jason Chan spoke with Oriental Daily News and said the chances of getting Edwards syndrome is 1 in 5,000 pregnancies. He also asked everyone not to ask Leanne Fu how she is feeling and whether she will try to get pregnant again.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Leanne Fu IG