Betty Wu Xuanyi Responds to Criticisms about Her Bare Face

Betty Wu Xuanyi Responds to Criticisms about Her Bare Face

On a recent episode of “Viva La Romance 5”, Betty Wu Xuanyi (吴宣仪) appeared without makeup in one scene, which is a feat that many Asian actresses refrain from doing. Unfortunately, some netizens made some harsh criticisms about her bare face. They made comments such as, “Who is this?”, “It’s too big of a difference.”, “Her teeth really can’t be covered.”, “My god, compared to her eyebrows, the problem with her teeth is even bigger. Her mouth can’t cover her teeth. Can this still be fixed?”

Wu Xuanyi heard the comments loud and clear. She addressed them on Weibo with a post on May 13. She said, “Okay, okay. I got it. From now on, I will wear make up or at least put on a base. I just don’t want to put on make up. I will be a bit more diligent [about it].” She also called out the ying xiao hao accounts (yxh – marketing accounts) by saying, “It’s not easy for you guys to publish articles to make money either. Isn’t this giving you opportunities? Okay, okay, okay, okay.” She also uploaded 9 pictures with a meme in the center that says, “Are you guys human?”.

Fans showed support below her post, saying, “Jiejie, do whatever you want to do. Ignore them.”, “Pretty girls just won’t put on make up. Irritate them to death.”, “Hahahahaha, Wu-jie, you’re the prettiest”.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

4 thoughts on “Betty Wu Xuanyi Responds to Criticisms about Her Bare Face

  1. She is xiao wu from Douluo, right? I personally think her bunny teeth are very cute.

  2. Don’t understand what’s the fuss about her bare face. Her skin condition looks so good!

    1. I mean… she looks pretty different in that specific gif from the dramas she acts in

  3. took me a second to realize she’s the girl who acted with Xiao Zhan in Douluo Continent. she’s still pretty without make up though!

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