Lay Zhang Greets Yang Zi as His “Rumored Girlfriend” on “Back to Field 5”

Lay Zhang and Greets Yang Zi as His "Rumored Girlfriend" on "Back to Field 5"

Lay Zhang (张艺兴) and Yang Zi (杨紫) have been rumored to be dating each other on a few occasions. The couple’s studio have denied the rumors before. However, Yang Zi was a guest on episode of 4 of “Back to Field 5” (向往的生活) were Lay Zhang is a cast member and netizens couldn’t help but keep wondering when Lay Zhang and Yang Zi were wearing matching pajamas.

After a day of work, the cast members are changed into their night gowns to get ready for bed. However, Yang Zi was discovered to be wearing the same pair of pajama pants as Lay Zhang’s night gown. Yang Zi said she wanted to immediately change, however, the two of them started teasing about their rumors, saying, “We won’t be able to explain this. They’re still talking about us dating online.” The rest of the cast members were laughing and cast member, Peng Yuchang (彭昱畅) revealed that when Lay Zhang met Yang Zi, he greeted her with, “Hello, rumored girlfriend.” He also revealed that Yang Zi told him, “Yang Zi-jie said to me, ‘His greeting just now almost scared me away!”

While Yang Zi and Lay Zhang wanted to change, Huang Lei (黄磊) told them, “It’s because you guys are wearing the same thing that they don’t spread your rumors. They’ll say you guys dare to wear the same pajamas, what is there to be scared of?” Yang Zi and Lay Zhang agreed with this and high-fived each other.

As it turns out, Huang Lei was already trying to set up Lay Zhang and Yang Zi: “Yixing, you’re already 30. You should get married. Yang Zi doesn’t have a boyfriend either, just a one year age difference.” While Huang Lei continued to rush Lay Zhang to get married, he could only respond back, “I don’t even know what love is.” Lay Zhang and Yang Zi continued playing up their rumors with Lay Zhang referring to Yang Zi as “jiejie” (older sister) even though he is older than her by a year. Yang Zi reciprocated by calling him, “didi” (younger brother).

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