Zhang Heng Addresses Letter to Zheng Shuang’s Fans Pleading for Them to “Let His Children Go”

Alleged Recording Suspected to be of Zheng Shuang and Her Parents Suggesting to Abandon, Give Up Babies for Adoption with Zhang Heng's Father

It has been two weeks since the Denver courts passed down their judgment on Zheng Shuang (郑爽) and Zhang Heng’s (张恒) children. It seemed like things would finally come to an end and reach closure for their children. However, Zhang Heng wrote a letter addressing it, “A Letter to Zheng Shuang’s fans”, on May 21, asking them to “let his children go”.

In Zhang Heng’s letter, he says that in the last year and a half, he had been constantly attacked by Zheng Shuang’s fans with comments like, “PUA, Swindler, soft rice king (kept man)”gay, American dog, etc..”, and other vicious remarks. He had seen a comment online that said, “Zheng Shuang is someone who I loved for 10 years. I can’t accept her faults because I am not willing to admit that I invested wrongly. So I rather keep on making these mistakes.”, which promoted Zhang Heng to say, “The attacks you guys made against me perhaps wasn’t out of hatred for me, but a result of love for Zheng Shuang.”

A picture Zhang Heng uploaded claiming it was a Zheng Shuang fan who attacked his friend that is helping him to pick up and take care of his children. One of the comments say, “You’re probably sleeping with Zhang Heng…”

Zhang Heng claims some of Zheng Shuang’s fans were suspecting he was playing word games with his mention of the “Parenting Solo Decision-Making Authority”. He planned to show the translated 30 page court verdict to everyone to show he wasn’t lying and why Zheng Shuang was only granted 3 times a week of visitation rights. However, Zhang Heng said he though it through, “Winning, is it really important? Did I really win?” Zhang Heng said seeing his children and his parents that aged overnight, he realized that he was wrong and that aside from his children, he practically lost his entire life and dragged his parents’ latter half of their lives.

One of the posts Zhang Heng uploaded showing a person hexing his children and his parents and a graphic picture of a baby that was blurred out.

Lastly, Zhang Heng thanks Zheng Shuang’s fans for waking him up. He said, “I know I’m not qualified to put out any demands, but as a father, I want to plead and beg you guys to let me and my two children to return to having a normal life.” Zhang Heng says he saw there were online comments from people cursing, intimidating, and hexing his children. He plead with Zheng Shuang’s fans, saying, “You guys can continue to attack and yell at me, but can you give a way out for my children?”

Zhang Heng finished off, saying, “I am willing to admit defeat. I admit I lost the custody battle! Can you guys stop? I know that no matte what I say now, you guys won’t give up. @郑爽 (Zheng Shuang), are you willing to help the children?”

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15 thoughts on “Zhang Heng Addresses Letter to Zheng Shuang’s Fans Pleading for Them to “Let His Children Go”

  1. This is really funny, he was the one that broke the news to the world by knowing if he did this he would drag the children to public, netizens and all media will eat them alive, but here you are , asking media to let the children go? Why he didn’t think about this when he put out the news months ago? Very funny guy.

  2. Lol.. don’t trust the judge, the one person that’s supposed to be impartial and to rule based on evidence only. Also, I thought when the scandal first broke out, they did try to refute it and claim that she did want the kids but he wouldn’t let her see them? I remember her dad or someone going on an interview. Let’s all agree they’re both not great people. I totally believe he latched onto her for her fame. But I also don’t think she’s innocent either.

  3. Not a fan of either party, but this guy sounds pretty toxic. He made sure to destroy his ex as much as possible. How could you do that to the person you once loved? We only hear one side of the story. From his one side, we can tell how shady and toxic he is. While saying he wants privacy to raise his kids, but he’s the one trying to raise complaints for media attention. I dont think we’ve heard the last of him. He’ll cry for media attention until no one truly cares about him anymore

  4. This guy sure is good at acting like a victim. He even tried to drag Zheng Shuang into the mud with his last sentence. Truly the male version of green tea b*tch.

    1. Perhaps if ZS was a responsible mother then this dude won’t have the chance to act like the victim. Funny how that works huh.

      1. Heh. I knew you are going to say that. But I wonder. Was Zheng Shuang truly as irresponsible as he claimed? We only heard of his side, but none from hers. I won’t be surprised if this was part of his scheme so that he can continue to be attach and leech from her for the rest of her life after their separation. I knew someone like Zhang Heng in real life, hence why his victim act doesn’t work on me. Funny how people can identify green tea b*tch in fiction but not in real life. Sad. I hope that retribution will come to him in the future.

        1. Both can be true at the same time.

          He may be a user, gold digger and perpetual victim. She may also be selfish, but mentally well and an unfit mother.

          I thought it was interesting that the custody judge noted that she never seemed to ask about or be interested in the kids. Didn’t ask for updates or photos. She seems disconnected from them emotionally- hasn’t yet bonded.

          1. Heh, an unfit mother. You really fell for his lies. I can see why she did not ask nor interested in the kids, especially after what had happened. Because no matter what, people will never believe in whatever she’s going to say, thanks to Zhang Heng’s successful ploy.

            Of course she seemed disconnected from them; she never had a chance to even interact with them ever since Zhang Heng started this whole thing. How can she even been bonded with them. Come on.

        2. Actually I read about the judge ruling as well as what is reported by the media. If a judge rules you mentally unfit enough to handle children, I am more inclined to believe that over ZS’ ramblings. I really have no interest in what your personal experience is with other men because it’s irrelevant to this situation.

          What we saw is, ZH gave up a year+ of his life to take care of his children WITH proof. We also saw ZERO proof ZS did anything as a responsible mother.

          1. My personal experience with other men is relevant because it will help me when dealing with people like Zhang Heng in the future. They also help me to realize just how wrong and one-sided this scandal is from the very start.

            Those so-called proof can be fabricated. Who knows if he is really the one who take care of them. It could be someone else taking care of them, and he only appeared to only look good in the pictures. We also have zero proof if Zheng Shuang is really as irresponsible as Zhang Heng would like people to believe him. We were only told from his side, but not hers or neutral party.

        3. The judge has already heard Zheng Shuang’s side and decided to not give her any parental rights. The judge deems Zheng Shuang unfit as a parent.

          1. Agreed, I weigh what the judge said most heavily. He deals with family law and relationships every day- dude has no vested interest in making either of them look bad/good.

            I am no fan of ZH… but anyone defending ZS as a mother must be doing it out of fan loyalty – cause she has shown no sense or responsibility or maternal caring for them at all.

          2. @Dezzys2 You are wrong about me doing it out of fan loyalty. I’m only defending her because I found the whole situation suspicious. Ever since the beginning, we only heard from his side, but never from her side or neutral party. I have also never seen anyone actually questioning him either; the only one that do were the few sensible people on twitter. It’s like everyone has already decided that she is the most evil person simply because it’s surrogacy. She didn’t even had the chance to defend herself. Because no matter what she’s going to say, it will fell into deaf ears since you people were already swayed over by Zhang Heng.

            And what do you know of her as a mother anyway. Zhang Heng didn’t even give her the chance to be a mother. We will see in time if she’s as irresponsible as Zhang Heng claimed her to be. Knowing him, he will continue to be attention-seeker and make a scene like this again in the future. He will not stop at winning the custody.

            p.s: I don’t trust the judge. Even they can make terrible judgement sometime. I pray that whatever happened to Zheng Shuang will occur to you people too. You people call her heartless, while in reality you people were the real heartless one.

      2. ZS had tried to interact with them since the babies were born,but Zhang heng blocked the children from her, plus it was locked down due to pandemic since last year, so, ZS was unable to go find them. You can read the previous news about this, and had some proofs too. And why was ZS lost the custody? The children are not bonding to her, it makes sense since ZS has not had enough interactions with the children. I am a mother of 2 so i can understand if the children think ZS as a stranger now.

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