Fan Club Questions THE9’s Yu Yan Absence from Consecutive Recordings for, “Stage Boom”, and Who is Updating Her Weibo Account

Fan Club Questions THE9's Yu Yan Absence from Consecutive Recordings for, Stage Boom, and Who is Updating Her Weibo Account

THE9 member, Yu Yan (喻言), was recently rumored to be filming iQIYI’s new survival show called “Stage Boom” (爆裂舞台) where female artists battle to be the “trendy music queen”. There were reports Yu Yan was missing from the last few recordings as other THE9 group members were seen attending the recording.

Yu Yan’s anti-hate site released a statement on May 25 saying they had reached out to THE9’s management company, “Idol Youth Entertainment”, and the response they got was: “The reason Idol Youth gave was: unable to participate in the recording due to health reasons.” However, the fan club said they had repeatedly inquired about the specific health reasons, but Idol Youth refused to respond. They also urged fans not to express any comments that could impact Yu Yan due to the sensitive period with everything happening in society currently.

Later that night, Yu Yan posted on her Weibo, saying, “Very regretful I will be absent [from recording] due to an injury. Sisters, continue to jiayou!”. However, fans started questioning whether it was really Yu Yan who made that post as her recent posts are missing the label that shows the type of device that was used to log in.

In addition, they pointed out that Yu Yan wouldn’t use the term “jiemeimen” (sisters) and are confident that it wasn’t her who posted. They urged staff members to give the account back to Yu Yan. Since that May 25 post about her injury update, “Yu Yan” hasn’t posted on Weibo.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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