Miss Hong Kong 2016 Second Runner Up, Bonnie Chan, Engaged to Malaysian Billionaire Robert Kuok’s Grandson

Bonnie Chan (陳雅思) joined TVB after winning second runner up at the Miss Hong Kong 2016 pageant. Since joining TVB, she was mostly assigned hosting duties. She left TVB last year and started working as a wellness and fitness instructor. On May 28, Bonnie Chan announced her engagement to her Malaysian native boyfriend, Kuok Meng Jun (郭孟浚).

According to reports, Kuok Meng Jun is the grandson of billionaire, Robert Kuok, who is said to be Malaysia’s wealthiest person. Robert Kuok reportedly made his fortune selling white sugar. His empire now primarily includes large number of luxury homes, shopping centers, hotels such as the Shangri-La hotel group, offices, and more. In 2021, he ranked 171 in Forbes’ Worlds Billionaire list with an estimated net worth of 12.1 billion USD.

Kuok Meng Jun was born in 1988, a year older than Bonnie Chan. He reportedly graduated from Stanford University and previously worked in advertising and real estate before deciding to become a BJ and music producer.

Bonnie Chan first revealed her relationship with Kuok Meng Jun last November by posting this picture of them locking hands on Instagram. However, she has never revealed his face until her engagement announcement.

Credit: hk01, IG (1, 2)

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