Betty Wu Xuanyi Told By Netizens to Quit Showbiz for Saying Female Artists aren’t Treated Kindly in This Industry

Following her comments about her bare face from two weeks ago, Betty Wu Xuanyi (吴宣仪) was trending once again for comments she made about the treatment female artists get in showbiz. On the most recent episode of “Life is Beautiful S2” (让生活好看2), the cast members were talking about being affected by online comments. Wu Xuanyi said she wasn’t affected by these comments. She gave examples about people always saying her style is old-fashioned and that she dresses messily. Wu Xuanyi then responded with, “So then I purposely dress messily.” If someone comments about her shoes being too flowery, she purposely buys all shoes with that type of pattern.

Wu Xuanyi concluded, “I summed up an experience that any good looking female artist have been hated before.” Afterwards, Wu Xuanyi posted this on May 27, “Girls aren’t treated well in this industry. Still need to protect yourself, be happy.” This was seemingly in response to Wu Xuanyi’s earlier comments about not caring about people’s views about her.

Unfortunately, Wu Xuanyi’s post sparked backlash from a lot of netizens. The top comment under her post was, “Just because someone said she is old-fashioned so it has risen up to the whole industry? Female celebrities aren’t treated well? Daily salary of 2.09 million and still say you’re not treated well?”, which received over 300,000 likes. Other top comments include, “Sis, don’t wrong yourself. Quit the industry.”, “Can you use your brain when you speak? Why don’t I understand?”, “So much bullsh*t”, “In order to trend and gain views, you’ll say whatever, don’t care about anything, and not think first before you speak? Consider the pros and cons before you say this, okay????”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

5 thoughts on “Betty Wu Xuanyi Told By Netizens to Quit Showbiz for Saying Female Artists aren’t Treated Kindly in This Industry

  1. I generally think that most people on the internet can be toxic. However, cnetz take things to terrifying level.

  2. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw the deluge of vitriol targeted at her. Ironically, her Weibo comments proved her point. Well, haters gonna hate, just hope she stays strong, and proves her haters wrong.

  3. She’s not wrong. The comments made by the netizens proved her point. Just because she makes a lot of money doesn’t mean anyone can leave abusive/hateful comments.

    Also, the career of an actress or female singer is usually shorter than their male counterparts. Once women reach a certain age they find themselves to be “too old” for the industry and lack job opportunities. A 45 year old male actor isn’t considered old to be the lead and will be paired with a 25 year old female actress just for aesthetics. How often will a 45 actress be the lead and be paired with a 25 year old male actor? Not nearly as common.

  4. I mean she’s not lying though. it’s not just her that’s treated unfairly, other female celebrities in China are treated unfairly as well. Why are the people criticising her when it’s true?

    1. I think they both have a point, but celebs in general get criticized a lot regardless of gender. Plus, for the absurd amount of money Chinese celebs make, a little criticism here and there from irrelevant haters is totally worth it.

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