SNH48 and GNZ48 Members Call Out Star48 Culture for Withholding Their Wages

SNH48 and GNZ48 Members Call Out Star48 Culture for Withholding Their Wages

Star48 Culture and Media, the company that manages SNH48 and its sister groups, is in the hot seat once again. On June 7, it was revealed SNH48 and GNZ48 members had complained to fans through the company’s app, Pocket48, about how Star48 Culture had been withholding or deducting their wages.

One GNZ48 member, Xie Leilei (谢蕾蕾), told fans that the company told her she can exchange the “drumsticks” gifted from fans through the Pocket48 app for cash. She borrowed a large sum of money to hold her birthday performance. However, when she got paid, it wasn’t enough to pay back what she borrowed. The company said they wouldn’t pay her and she questioned why they would say they would at the time.

Another GNZ48 member, Li Shanshan (李姗姗), complained, “It’s pay day, but there is no pay. Woke up and still not paid.” GNZ48 member, Zheng Danni (郑丹妮), said she was awakened from her nap by her wages. She said she drank a cup of tea to calm her nerves, seemingly hinting that her wages were low.

SNH48 member, Jin Yingyue (金莹玥), showed a conversation she had with an executive named, “Boss Ye”. She asked why her allowance was suspended when she had always been attending the public performances and didn’t do any actions that were in breach of contract. She even told said that she had attended each performance for a month. He told Jin Yingyue that she had to be observed for a while to confirm that she hasn’t breached the contract in order to get paid. Jin Yingyue asked how long the observation period will last and how she will live without pay. “Boss Ye” told her, “I came to you twice to chat, which was a warning to you”.

Jin Yingyue said she didn’t get a penny and worked the whole month for nothing. She told fans that she had to look for work outside to earn money to pay back her debts.

Star48 hasn’t responded to these complaints.

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