Huang Zitao Will No Longer Post Pre-Event Pictures After Fans Make Several Complaints about His Studio

It’s quite common for fans in the Chinese entertainment fan circle to publicly complain about celebrities and their studios. There have been instances where fans were unhappy with celebrity studios’ over photoshopping studio pictures or not providing better pictures. Huang Zitao (黄子韬) was the latest celebrity whose fans went on a complaining frenzy about his latest set of studio pictures. They complained about the studio releasing his pictures late (1 am), excessive photoshopping, and weird styling.

Huang Zitao, who is known to be vocal and doesn’t pander to his fans, responded to their complaints in a series of posts on June 17. In his first post, he said, “Everything is decided by me. Even though I don’t have much interest in styling and appearances, but I am also very thankful to the brand for the outfit. YoungkingYoungboss will wear whatever can be worn. I am too lazy to even take pictures. What will posting them earlier or later decide? Changing outfits each time to take pictures is so extremely annoying and doesn’t have much significance either…As for me, you guys don’t need to sacrifice anything. If you’re happy, watch, listen, experience, and laugh. If you’re not happy, don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t like and impose more tasks upon yourself. If you guys are happy, then I am happy…”

Hours later, Huang Zitao made another post, saying, “Starting from today, all types of photoshoots, posing, and posting of pictures prior to all types of events will be canceled. I really don’t like shooting these types of things now. Natural pictures are still okay. Every time I take off, a whole big show. Starting from today, it’ll stop. Don’t like shooting magazines either. It’ll stop too. Thanks.”

Huang Zitao didn’t stop there. He posted for a third time about the matter, saying, “Let me be more blunt. I pay attention to reality. I listen to myself. I’ve never listened to fans’ suggestions. Don’t know when these weird habits of taking these busted pictures quicker, faster, or better came about. So flashy. Why yell at my employees if you have an opinion about the clothes and hair styles that I decided myself? You think they can sway me? If you like to watch flashy people, then don’t like me. I don’t like to make a mess, making something out of nothing. Go like someone who will take pictures for you to watch everyday. Find someone who will listen to your opinion. It’s useless to me, understand? Alright, you can’t comprehend and made me say it so bluntly. You have time to type out words to offer suggestions and yell at people, why don’t you call your family, go to class, go to work.”

Huang Zitao also seemingly expressed his sentiments about the issue on Instagram: “Said so much good words previously and it basically wasn’t heard. I’ve said it so clearly and still don’t understand and can’t do it in my own reality, disappointed.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)