Kathy Yuen Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

Kathy Yuen Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

EEG artist Kathy Yuen (湯怡), made a surprising announcement in January that she was getting married and also expecting her first child with celebrity choreographer, Shing Mak (麥秋成). On Father’s Day (June 20) this year, Kathy Yuen revealed she given birth to a baby girl ahead of schedule.

Kathy Yuen Getting Married and Having a Baby with Sisley Choi’s Dancer Ex-Boyfriend, Shing Mak

Kathy Yuen was reportedly due to give birth in July. She made the announcement on Instagram and posted a picture of her new born baby. Kathy Yuen wrote, “Your lover from the past life suddenly made its arrival and caught us off guard, but it’s also the best father’s day present for you. Happy Father’s Day, Shing Mak. Let’s work hard together.”

Kathy Yuen also added “QQMak” and “618” as hashtags, which is the baby’s nickname and her birthdate, respectively. She also revealed to the media that she weighed 5.6 lbs at birth. Even though she was born earlier than her due date, Kathy Yuen said QQ is healthy.

Shing Mak wrote on Instagram, “Your early arrival caught us off guard. Surprises are like this. No matter what the future is like, daddy and mommy will always be by your side. Love you. Thank you to my wife for giving me such a warm family. Lets work together.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, IG (1, 2)