Raymond Lam’s Wife, Carina Zhang, Exchanges Words with Netizen Calling Her a “Mistress”

Ever since Raymond Lam (林峯) and Carina Zhang (张馨月) dated, there have been a lot of negative press about their relationship. Carina Zhang was called many names like gold digger and attacked by netizens for her past lingerie modeling pictures. Since going on the variety show, “Viva La Romance 5”, Raymond Lam used the opportunity to clear out many misconceptions about his wife and the public’s negative impressions on her. For example, Carina Zhang revealed she wanted to sign a prenup as people always said she was only with her husband for money. Raymond Lam revealed Carina Zhang earned all the money on her own prior to meeting her.

On June 20, Carina Zhang shared a picture of Raymond Lam with their baby daughter to celebrate Father’s Day. However, one netizen left a comment about Carina Zhang’s daughter, “She’s dancing so well in pictures 1 and 3. Reckon she won’t lose out to mommy when she grows up and dances crazy at night clubs!” Carina Zhang responded, “Thanks for the compliment. It’s still a lot better than people who only know how to tap on the keyboard.”

The same netizen replied back to Carina Zhang and said, “A person who got on top by being a mistress is very cocky when they talk.” Carina Zhang responded back to her saying, “Do you have evidence to call me a mistress? Or is it that you have become a mistress to the point where your brain and eyes aren’t good so everyone is a mistress in your eyes?” The netizen once again responded, “There are records on the Internet. Hope you have a clear conscience.”

On June 22, Carina Zhang once again addressed the “mistress” comments, saying, “I don’t ask for everyone to like [me]. I’ve never initiated to hurt anyone before nor am I someone who likes to cause trouble, but I am not a character who can be bullied either. If you want to yell at me, please do so. If you yell at my family and my kids, don’t blame me for hating you because at this moment, I didn’t treat see you as a person.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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