“Ancient Love Poetry” Producer Responds to Criticisms about Zhou Dongyu’s Acting, Being “Ugly”, and Not Suitable for Xianxia Dramas

"Ancient Love Poetry" Producer Responds to Criticisms about Zhou Dongyu's Acting, Being "Ugly", and Not Suitable for Xianxia Dramas

Since “Ancient Love Poetry”(千古玦尘) premiered, there have been a lot of debate about the series and its lead actress, Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨). This was Zhou Dongyu’s first series and ancient drama, but she was already an accomplished film actress with several accolades under her belt. However, after the series aired, there were various contrasting comments about Zhou Dongyu’s acting and her appearance.

The praises for Zhou Dongyu came in comments that said, “Acting is good like always.”, “You interpreted ‘Ancient Love Poetry’s’ ‘Shang Gu’so well. Appearance and acting skills has always been online.”, “Zhou Dongyu’s costume drama is unexpectedly good.”, “Don’t really like the so-called xianxia type of acting. Her natural acting style has won my heart.”

Still of Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai in “Ancient Love Poetry”

However, there were netizens criticizing her acting with comments like, “Why is that she is an excellent actress filming movies, but when it comes to tv series, it’s full of rants.”, “Three time Best Actress’ acting skills is just this, what the hell is she portraying?”, “Looks in ‘Ancient Love Poetry’ are all over the place, acting is pretentious.”, This is to the extent the three Golden award show judges would shake their heads when they see Zhou Dongyu.”, and also complaints about the dubbing of Zhou Dongyu’s voice.

Then on June 22, a producer of the series, Yang Xiaopei, reposted an article, “How is Zhou Dongyu ‘ugly’?”. The article was basically one person’s rants that echoed some netizens’ sentiments about Zhou Dongyu’s acting, appearance, and how she wasn’t suitable for xianxia series.

Yang Xiaopei included the caption, “Jump out of routines and formulas. Comment on the series in detail. Everyone can see our dedication and sincerity!”

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8 thoughts on ““Ancient Love Poetry” Producer Responds to Criticisms about Zhou Dongyu’s Acting, Being “Ugly”, and Not Suitable for Xianxia Dramas

  1. Zhou Dongyu is beautiful and bold, i just love the way she carries herself and i love her.
    The character shangu was extremely entertaining and lovable.
    If you think zhou is ugly and not fit for the character, then i must say you are extremely stupid and blind. People who call their fellow ugly are way hideous and lonely. You’re just lonely souls that pick on successful people.

  2. I am really enjoying this drama series and am impressed by both lead actors. Thank you for keeping me so well entertained!

  3. BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder and many Chinese citizens are weird.. when I read all the comments like; this person is ugly, that person is fat, this person cheat, that person does not have $$$…
    (do not forget they are just humans like us made of flesh and blood and have parents as well)

    Why are they so focused on the artists (i.e. do you know them, are you relatives or are you just jealous).. let them be what they are and just mind your own business. Other people do not tell you that you look outrageous or what so ever, because WE are too busy to live our own live and provide bread on the table for our own family. No need to impress the society.

    Just enjoy/support their movies, series where they poor all their heart, soul, study and time in it for us to enjoy after a long day of work or after exams or after whatever you a doing.

    Stay true to yourself – it is not the end of the world.

  4. She looks like a monster ugly? Something very wrong with those who say she is ugly

    Cute n adorable is what Shanggu is

  5. These kids nowadays..🥴we’re dealing with little kids that have zero maturity, only access to phones and social media.

    1. Seriously! Criticizing someone’s appearance is low.

      If you want to comment constructively on script or acting- go ahead. But calling her ugly is not accurate and just rude in general.

      1. To be honest, she’s not ugly, but she does seem more of a side character than a main character since China always uses really pretty actresses for the leads of these dramas

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