Miriam Yeung Revealed She and Real Ting Had Once Broke Up for a Year

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) and Real Ting (丁子高) are part of the cast on Chinese variety show, “Mr. Housework 3” (做家务的男人3). On the episode that aired on July 3, the cast is talking about love letters. When it came to Miriam Yeung’s talk, she revealed Real Ting once wrote her a break up letter.

Miriam Yeung explained the letter wasn’t a result of any problems they had. They had just started dating at the time and there was a lot of stress for everyone as Real Ting and his family were getting a lot of attention in the media due to Miriam Yeung’s status. The media scrutiny started affecting Real Ting’s family.

Real Ting told Miriam Yeung that his father asked him what he was doing in Hong Kong and why they kept writing badly about him in the news for an entire week. The media dug up Real Ting’s family background and started writing about them, which gave him a lot of stress. Miriam Yeung explained, “At the time, I didn’t have much of a reaction either. I just said why don’t you go back because [if] one day you come back, then it’s right.”

Miriam Yeung also went on to say, “There is no such thing as ‘match made in heaven’ for two people. In order to achieve ‘match made in heaven’, you must work hard at it.”

A year later, Real Ting returned to Hong Kong and looked for Miriam Yeung. Another year after that, they got married. Miriam Yeung said, “Good thing [we] didn’t give up at the time. My husband and I both didn’t give up in order for us to get to today.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)