Elva Hsiao and Boyfriend, Justin Wong Reportedly On a “Break”

On July 6, Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) posted a video and a caption on Instagram that sparked break up rumors with her boyfriend, Justin Wong (黃皓), who is 16 years her junior. In the video, Elva Hsiao is heard saying, “Done, I am done.” Her caption reads, “Done. Both parties’ views aren’t quite the same. Both parties have their own thoughts. Female party still has her own dream. Male party also has his own dream. Wishing each other peace and health and that each of us will be able to find the direction they want. Thank you for everything. Goodbye.”

According to a representative from Elva Hsiao’s agency, XY-ENTERTAINMENT, they revealed the couple had normal quarrels due to the pandemic and Elva Hsiao’s recent dog bite injury. Justin Huang had also wanted to bring Elva Hsiao to visit his family in Vancouver while his work schedule is clear. However, due to Elva Hsiao’s face injury and other factors, she wanted to focus on getting treatment first before traveling.

XY-ENTERTAINMENT also said that Elva Hsiao and Justin Huang have already tried many ways and had several repeated discussions to resolve their issues, but couldn’t come to an agreement. As for their current relationship status, they said, “Every couple will encounter issues. The future is uncertain, but both parties right now are retaining their own space first. The two of them didn’t break up and just on a break. They still love each other deeply. Right now, let him return to Vancouver first. Both parties will temporarily separate and go on a break first, breathe a bit, and give each other some breathing space.”

Elva Hsiao and Justin Huang announced their relationship in 2019 after rumors started circulating in 2017 that they were dating. After keeping a low profile for so many years, the couple joined Chinese variety show, “Meeting Mr. Right 3”, where they were very candid in their relationship.

Credit: ETtoday, Weibo

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