Kris Wu’s Studio Takes Legal Action Against Rumored Ex-Girlfriend, Du Meizhu, After She Accuses Him and His Team of Luring Underaged Girls Under the Guise of Looking for Music Video Female Leads and Signing New Artists

Back in June, Kris Wu (吴亦凡) made headlines when rumors started circulating he had rented out a movie theater for a date with an internet celebrity. Kris Wu’s studio took legal action as the movie theater had infringed his privacy when they released pictures of him at the theater. They explained the video was edited and cut out the clips of him and his friends entering and leaving the theater. In the midst of this, an 18 year old college student, named Du Meizhu (都美竹) came out and claimed to be dating Kris Wu at one point, but he started ghosting her in April and claimed he was cheating on her when the news of him and an internet celebrity were watching a movie.

Everything seemed to quiet down. However, on July 8, Du Meizhu wrote a lengthy post and showed screenshots alleging Kris Wu and his studio would purposely lure underaged girls under the guise of inviting them to be the female leads of a music video or sign them to be a new artist. She also showed examples of other girls claiming to have similar experiences.

In her lengthy post, Du Meizhu said her name has been tagged with bad labels ever since a “certain incident happened”. She reveals she grew up in a single parent family and admitted to having some flaws like not being confident, and feeling very insecure in relationships. Du Meizhu revealed she was diagnosed with symptoms of depression and anxiety a few months ago. She wouldn’t want to go out to see people, had insomnia, exhaustion, and “bad cardiac stability” stemming from cyber bullying from a month ago. Du Meizhu said she even had suicidal tendencies “because there were too many people exposing Mr. Wu’s actions that confirmed his cheating behavior to me. I was even given verbal death threats by some of his fans.”

Du Meizhu then alleged, “A lot of my friends were also summoned by you using the same excuses…You have a special WeChat ID you use to add us underaged girls. When I posted that June 3 Weibo wishing each of us to be well, you immediately deleted this WeChat ID and the middle person’s Weibo…Due to privacy issues, I won’t reveal the names of the underaged people that experienced the same pain. Through these videos and words, I only came to find out your selection requirements are for underaged girls born in the 2000s and are just taking their college entrance examination…

You used the same format (MV female lead selection, studio signing new artists) to lure girls to play drinking games, fill them up with liquor…and then you say all kinds of sweet talk: I will be responsible to you, I want to be with you…Your other girlfriends also approached me asking me who is your official girlfriend? When you travel to a different city for work, you also find girls to stay the night with you. You still say to me: Sleep early~ After you’re done, you have to go to the afterparty and you guys gather a lot of girls’ pictures during the drinking parties and pick them out like merchandise…”

Du Meizhu

Lastly, Du Meizhu said she would admit to things she did and that there is no need for her to do illegal things for the sake of gaining clout. She also claims that she has “never fabricated screenshots or maliciously edited videos.” Du Meizhu said she decided to stand up and speak up for all the underaged girls that were cheated so they are no longer cheated and wronged again.

Kris Wu’s studio immediately responded to the allegations saying they will be filing a police report and a lawsuit against Du Meizhu. They reposted a legal statement from a Beijing law firm, denying all the allegations towards Kris Wu. They are suing Du Meizhu for defamation of Kris Wu’s character and infringement of his rights based on the false allegations that have led to several netizens reposting the false content and resulting in personal attacks against Kris Wu that have seriously damaged his reputation. They claim Du Meizhu fabricated the content and posed as a staff member from Kris Wu’s studio in the screenshots. The statement also said the malicious content and actions of Du Meizhu and others were done to gain attention and clout.

Some netizens expressed doubt in Du Meizhu’s accusations against Kris Wu and his studio as she did a livestream after her post went viral. Netizens bombarded the stream with messages asking her to speak on the topic. She responded, “Everyone has a right to do a live stream. I just wanted to have a simple chat. I don’t want to talk about that topic anymore, don’t want to respond anymore.” They felt this only solidified that she was doing this to gain exposure contrary to what she said previously. Netizens also said the screenshots she provided aren’t solid enough to prove her claims and that they can easily be fabricated.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)