Du Meizhu Reveals Chats with Kris Wu’s Team Allegedly Offering Money to Her and Other Alleged Victims to Settle Out of Court

The saga between Du Meizhu (都美竹) and her allegations against Kris Wu (吴亦凡) of luring underaged girls with under false pretenses reach a new level as the former continues to release more information. On July 16, Du Meizhu wrote a lengthy post revealing she is currently getting treatment at the hospital for depression along with pictures of her at the hospital. She revealed that she has already filed a police report, but hasn’t filed a lawsuit at the moment. She said she was waiting for the other party to file a lawsuit first and that she couldn’t divulge the other reason for not doing so. Du Meizhu also claims there are probably more than 20-30 victims and even listed an email for other victims with similar experiences, reporters, and program teams to contact her.

Chatting with alleged “20XX Club” staff member on WeChat

First video: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4659675157954638?from=old_pc_videos

Two hours later, Du Meizhu uploaded a video of a WeChat conversation with someone claiming to be a staff member from Kris Wu’s new label, “20XX Club”, who contacted her first. This supposed staff member from Kris Wu’s company allegedly expressed their apologies for the recent events and “solemnly apologize” for the trouble it has brought her. They also wanted to negotiate with Du Meizhu and settle the matter outside court and said, “Lets put aside who is right or wrong first.” Du Meizhu told them she wanted a public apology and told them not to hire any yxh accounts (marketing accounts) to vilify her. This person claims they didn’t engage in those activities and said they wouldn’t be able to publicly apologize. They told Du Meizhu that their legal team was certain they would win a lawsuit against her and warned her that her name will forever be on public record for losing a defamation suit.

So when Du Meizhu asked how they wanted to resolve the issue. The other party said it was up to her, but she said she had never dealt with this before. The other party then said they would first solemnly apologize and offer a monetary compensation to appease her. After some back and forth, the other party told Du Meizhu to name her price to settle this. She asked for 8 million RMB, which they rejected and explained that they are certain the information she published is completely false. They brought up three points:

  1. Du Meizhu’s mention of “in the same manner” was interpreted by netizens that she and the other girls were forced to get drunk.
  2. Du Meizhu’s mention of “Some of us underaged girls”, which they responded, “You were underaged when you met the artist?” According to Du Meizhu’s Weibo page, her birthday is on November 18, 2002. Back in June, her friend had released a screenshot showing Du Meizhu sending her a message on December 7, telling her she was dating Kris Wu. However, she has a chat record allegedly showing they were already talking on November 17.
  3. I am certain the artist and his friends didn’t get anyone drunk. The artist has never dated any underaged girl before.

Du Meizhu asked them how much they were offering. The other party offered 1 million RMB with three stipulations:

  1. Delete the posts.
  2. Publicly admit she was wrong and express regret for being blinded by someone else and that she didn’t confirm it before publishing “underaged girls” and other false information.
  3. Guarantee she won’t incite others or any third party to ask for demands from the other party. They will sign an agreement and if any of the terms are violated, she needs to repay back 50% of the compensation amount.

The other party would pay her 500,000 RMB after they sign the agreement and then pay her the other 500,000 RMB after she fulfills the first two conditions. She could choose whether to allow comments or not, but the post had to be up for at least 24 hours before she can delete it. Du Meizhu disagreed and said she is a victim and they’re making her apologize when she’s not wrong. She said it would have to be least 2 million RMB as she has to be responsible for other victims and insisted on signing a NDA. She came back with her terms:

  1. If she deletes the post, they must also delete the legal statement issued by Kris Wu’s studio
  2. She can’t apologize because she is a victim as this is a matter of principal.
  3. They can’t publicly reveal the deal they discussed in private. If they do, she will release all the evidence and the victims’ information online and take legal action to “expose all your crimes”.
  4. Don’t continue pestering each other after the incident is over. They can’t take advantage of her agreeing to settle the matter and accept the compensation as part of their scheme to sue her for extortion and blackmail.
  5. Don’t retaliate in private.
  6. Don’t buy yxh accounts (marketing accounts) to smear her. She won’t be releasing any more information or accepting interviews.

The other party responded that she didn’t have to apologize, but she had to clarify that part of the information she published, such as “underaged girls”, wasn’t verified. They continue to go back and forth on the details of their agreement and both parties take turns drafting up Du Meizhu’s “clarification” post. Near the end, the other party asks Du Meizhu to give them the names of the victims so they can confirm it. Du Meizhu said she can’t reveal the other victims and that “I can only tell you there are 12 people.” The other party also said that they can’t use WeChat anymore as large amounts of money being transferred will be investigated. So the other party said to take their future correspondence to QQ, but Du Meizhu doesn’t have a QQ account, so they continue communicating through Weibo.

In the comments section, Du Meizhu wrote (800/8 victims), meaning the 8 million was to be split amongst 8 victims. She posted shortly after explaining the 8 million is for a total of 8 victims. She explains that the compensation is primarily for the other girls as she claims there are girls who have been getting treated for depression, but don’t have anymore savings as they have to pay their medical fees and they’ve only worked a few years.

Second chat with staff member on Weibo

Second video: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4659892863303719?from=old_pc_videoshow

On the morning of July 17, Du Meizhu uploaded another video lasting 04:15 minutes of a chat conversation that allegedly took place with a staff member claiming to be from Kris Wu’s “20XX Club” label, but the username (凡世文化) listed in the chat can’t be found on Weibo. The beginning of the chat shows the other party saying they have already transferred 500,000 RMB split into two transactions of 300,000 RMB and 200,000 RMB to her account. They also reminded her they needed the identity of at least one victim and assured her that their NDA would not be disclosed to any third party. Du Meizhu disagreed and said there was no need for a third party and she felt worried about having a lawyer involved.

The other party then suggested they would transfer 3 million RMB to Du Meizhu and then have her transfer 1 million RMB back to them. They explained, “Because we need to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. This is a business account, do you understand? Your bank card will receive 3 million, then you will transfer 1 million back to us!”

The staff member once again sent several messages and explained that they needed to know the identity of at least one victim to verify Du Meizhu’s claims and to ensure that there won’t be any more victims coming forward in the future to sue them. Du Meizhu refused to reveal it explaining she doesn’t trust them as she doesn’t know what they’ll do with the information. She has already received death threats and harassing phone calls. The other party assures her that no one from their side provoked others to call or bully her, and especially not hiring yxh accounts to smear her.

Du Meizhu responded, “I can only tell you a portion of the underaged girls were brought over by Mao Keyi (毛可异). There is also another portion with Feng Meng (冯萌).” Feng Meng works as an assistant for Kris Wu. However, there is no information on Mao Keyi. They back and forth some more. The other party mentions if they can’t reach a compromise, their legal team will sue her and question her claims. She would have to get the victims to testify in court. Du Meizhu reiterates her previous concerns once again about revealing the victims’ identities and that they don’t want to be exposed to the public.

After some time, the other party sends over a document and tells Du Meizhu they need the Weibo accounts of the 7 other victims. They’re also pushing Du Meizhu to give them an answer despite her telling them that she is currently getting “MECT therapy” at the hospital and sending them pictures of her at the hospital. Du Meizhu reveals that two more victims came forward and that she is communicating with victims from abroad as well. The other party continues to convince Du Meizhu to list the Weibo IDs for the settlement agreement and even suggested for them to open a separate account, which they can cancel after this matter is over. At this point, Du Meizhu says they will no longer compromise.

The other party then proceeds to tell Du Meizhu that Kris Wu has already been severely impacted by this incident and has lost over 100 million RMB in income. They claim a lot of business partners have already terminated their agreement. Du Meizhu said, “Great, he’s finally getting his retribution.” There seems to be some parts edited out of the video. The other party sends an updated settlement agreement. However, Du Meizhu tells them that they no longer wanted to settle this matter privately as they feel it’s not worth it and that the compensation amount isn’t worthy of them to reach a settlement. They felt the agreement is not fair and they are not satisfied.

Du Meizhu said if she settles, this would ruin her reputation from hereon out and that such a small amount of money is not worth it. She also reiterates there is no need for them to settle as he is in the wrong. Once again, some parts seem to be edited out of the video. The other party then asks Du Meizhu to return the 500,000 RMB they transferred to her earlier. After they complete that transaction, the other party asks Du Meizhu if she is sure they aren’t signing the agreement. She said they’re not signing it.

The other party has been urging her that it’s best for her and the others to just accept the money. He then says that their side will definitely release Du Meizhu wanting an eight figure sum asking for 8 million RMB. This portion about the eight figure sum wasn’t mentioned in the video, so it might’ve been edited out. The other party tells her they’re asking for too much and that he personally feels her situation doesn’t warrant the amount she is asking for. They said their boss was very angry when he found out about the eight figure sum and doesn’t want to continue discussing on a settlement.

On the next day, the other party contacts Du Meizhu once again and asks her to list out their demands once again. Du Meizhu told them that after some consideration, she wants to negotiate with a favorable attitude. She then tells them that she doesn’t find it appropriate that they want her to issue a statement that this matter hasn’t been confirmed yet. She says this is the truth and what she has on hand is also true. Du Meizhu says, “If you can prove that Feng Meng’s identity as a manager is fake and cheated us underaged girls, then I can post on Weibo saying Mr. Wu Yifan’s company found evidence to prove this person is a fraud and I will explain we are both victims.”

The other party says Kris Wu is the one who lost out the most in this incident and that the amount of damage and losses he suffered cannot be recovered. They said the company has been preparing to go the legal route to protect their interests. Du Meizhu told them not to mention Kris Wu’s character and to contact her lawyer if they are going the legal route.

Some yxh accounts and netizens are questioning the true number of victims as Du Meizhu’s earlier post from July 16 said there are probably more than 20-30 victims.  However, she told the other party that there were 12 victims in the chat, but in the comments and subsequent post, she said there were only 8 victims. Du Meizhu did mention that two more people came forward and was still in the process of gathering more information.

The settlement agreement

A few minutes after she posted the second video, Du Meizhu shared the alleged settlement agreement with only her information filled out and mentioned the document contained a lot of illegal terms such as “threaten” and “coercion”. Du Meizhu asked a lawyer friend to go over the document and they said it’s more of an “admission of guilt letter”. She mentioned she felt it was odd when the other party suggested to send her 3 million RMB first and then have her transfer 1 million RMB back to them to avoid paying taxes. Her lawyer friend explained that the point of having her transfer back the money is to show that she personally received the funds and that she is the account owner and the operator. This will show that the recipient is Du Meizhu and the large transfers can prove her individual capacity. She claims this scheme and the contract would 100% send her to prison. Du Meizhu also clarified the 500,000 RMB was transferred to her account without her permission.

The receipts

Lastly, Du Meizhu posted a short video of the transfer records from the financial transactions received from the other party. It showed that she received a 200,000 RMB transfer from a “WU YI FAN” with the transaction location listed as “NonResident” on July 11. She also received a 300,000 RMB transaction from a “WU STACEY YU” with the transaction location listed as “NonResident” on July 11.

The person, “WU STACEY YU”, is reportedly Kris Wu’s mother. According to media outlet, “Hui Huo” (会火), they found “Wu, Stacey Yu” listed as the registrant to the company, “Ace Unit Culture Media Co. Limited”, in Hong Kong. The company was registered in 2014 and is reportedly the major shareholder for many of Kris Wu’s companies in China, including “20XX Club”.

Kris Wu’s team has not responded to Du Meizhu’s latest posts.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

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  1. Sometimes it’s better to settle out of court because it’s easier, cheaper and faster. In this case it seems like Kris’ team is trying to set up the girl and make it seem like she’s extorting money from him and land her in jail. Whether Kris is innocent or not, this is going to put a huge dent on his career.

  2. Wow, Kris is doomed. Personally, I think what she said about speaking up for other victims, protecting them, seeking justice etc. are a bunch of craps. The whole thing reeks of revenge. However, based on her bravery and evidence she provided, I do think there are certain truths in her statements – and that’s bad enough to ruin him (as for know, I say it’s well-deserved. What he did is disgusting). Kris isn’t a good guy, but she certainly isn’t as saintly as she made herself to be. Got to applaud her for her brain, though. Right or wrong, like her or hate her, we’ve got to admit she’s one smart woman.

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