Du Meizhu Details Alleged Sexual Assault from Kris Wu and His Tactics to Lure Girls in Interview with NetEase Entertainment

Du Meizhu Details Alleged Sexual Assault from Kris Wu and Tactics to Lure Girls in Interview with NetEase EntertainmenDu Meizhu Details Alleged Sexual Assault from Kris Wu and Tactics to Lure Girls in Interview with NetEase Entertainment

Content Warning: The following content may contain references to date rape, drugging, rape, and/or sexual assault.

On July 18, NetEase Entertainment released an interview with Du Meizhu (都美竹) on her ongoing battle against Kris Wu and his team to get justice for victims he allegedly sexually assaulted. Some of the alleged victims are underage girls. In the interview, Du Meizhu revealed she had already started the process of transferring the first half of the settlement amount of 500,000 RMB back to Kris Wu’s team. As her account was created when she was a minor, she is limited to sending back the money in small increments each day. She has transferred back 180,000 RMB to Kris Wu’s side so far.

Du Meizhu explained when she first asked for an 8 figure compensation sum, there were 8 victims including her. They considered money because one of the victims was in a difficult situation. Du Meizhu said she is also under a lot of stress as she is representing 7 other victims, but she is doing this so that there are no other victims, “I hope I am the last victim.”

When NetEase Entertainment asked Du Meizhu to elaborate her mentioning of underaged girls, she revealed that there are more than 7 victims now; 7 victims was the number around July 12. She said there are far more than that amount now. Du Meizhu doesn’t divulge the current condition of the underaged girls to protect them, but she definitively says, “First, they have evidence, the evidence is preserved. Second, there are two children that are still underaged and really don’t want their lives to be disturbed, but hopes Wu [Yifan] gets punished.”

Du Meizhu revealed Kris Wu’s pattern in allegedly luring girls, “One method is selection for actors and then they make you go audition at night. They select young and pretty girls among his official fan club. They bring the girls there to say it’s a small fan meeting and tell them there will be a few people there, but the fact is once they go up to the hotel, they discover it’s only Wu there. There are also [times] where he will be introduced to other girls from girls he has slept with before. After it’s successful, the [middle man] gets products he was gifted from the brands [he worked with] or 10,000 RMB.”

As for her own ordeal, Du Meizhu reiterated that she wasn’t Kris Wu’s fan and had never heard his songs or watched his shows. She was only told to go for an audition and wasn’t told it would be at night. It wasn’t until later when a car came to pick her up and when they were near, she said Kris Wu’s manager told her he would also be there.

Du Meizhu said she was brought to Kris Wu’s home around 9 at night. Aside from Kris Wu, a music producer, his manager and his cousin, and two other girls the same age as Du Meizhu were also present. Du Meizhu said she found out they had to drink after she got there and they kept dragging her to play games, business wasn’t even discussed. She recounted, “I wanted to leave, but the manager wouldn’t let me leave and confiscated my cell phone. I found an opportunity to go to the bathroom and was only able to quietly take my phone back. I asked for help from my girl friend and asked her to come look for me. The manager found out and then told me, if we’re not having enough fun, Wu will be mad.” Du Meizhu expressed that with Kris Wu’s status in the industry, he would be able to say a few words to get her blacklisted.

Du Meizhu

Du Meizhu also revealed that they talked about Kris Wu’s upcoming drama, “The Golden Hairpin”. He said that it was just showing a small part of his ability and that he will have super S-level projects in the future. He reportedly told her that if she performed well as the female lead in a MV, he can create a role for her in a super S-level project and even sign her as an artist under Kris Wu’s company. “At the time, I was only 17 years old. I was dragged back to the living room and then a few people kept vigorously toasting me with drinks. Wu was feeding me drinks, said I was away too long, had to punish me with two drinks. I drank cocktails. I didn’t dare resist either. It wasn’t long before I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was on Wu’s bed.” Du Meizhu is turning 19 in November.

When Du Meizhu woke up, she said she was dazed and just kept staring at the ceiling for a bit. She said Kris Wu was still sleeping next to her. Du Meizhu shared that “Wu never wore condoms, not just with me, it was the same with other people too.” Du Meizhu immediately got dressed and ran, but once she got to the door, she saw Kris Wu’s cousin sleeping in the living room and that was the only time he didn’t leave. She suspected that Kris Wu’s cousin was afraid she would call the cops. Du Meizhu returned back to the bedroom and stood by the bed for a while until Kris Wu woke up. He asked her why she is standing and pulled her back into bed. “He said he would take responsibility for me and take care of me for the rest of my life, take me to visit his mom during New Year’s. In fact, his expression was very sincere, very different from his films. In life, he was at least a Best Actor that day.”

Du Meizhu revealed Kris Wu would only look for her when he’s back in Beijing and has free time. They mostly watched movies and tv at home and barely went out. They would talk and she would listen to him brag about himself. Kris Wu reportedly promised he would provide resources to Du Meizhu and other girls for career opportunities, but it never happened. Du Meizhu said their relationship started changing in March when he started ghosting her and not respond to any of her calls and texts. In closing, when NetEase Entertainment asked what she felt the most about dating Kris Wu, Du Meizhu said, “What I felt the most is I don’t ever want to date again from now on.”

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