Du Meizhu Vows to Release More Information that Will Destroy Kris Wu Unless He Quits Entertainment Industry and Officially Apologizes to Victims in 24 Hours

Du Meizhu Vows to Release More Information that Will Destroy Kris Wu Unless He Quits Entertainment Industry and Officially Apologizes to Victims in 24 Hours

Content Warning: The following content may contain references to date rape, drugging, rape, and/or sexual assault.

After Du Meizhu’s interview with NetEase Entertainment was published on July 18, she has declared war on Kris Wu. Du Meizhu posted a video showing the correspondence with a person reportedly from Kris Wu’s side named “seven”. The video shows Du Meizhu tediously having to return the proposed 500,000 RMB settlement money in small increments that the other party transferred to her account without her approval or signing any document. After returning 180,000 RMB, Du Meizhu stopped responding to “seven” and asked who they were when they asked her for updates on the rest of the balance. Du Meizhu pretended not to know this person and said she had already deleted their contact and asked why she had to return 500,000 RMB.

Du Meizhu posted a picture in the comments section which showed a netizen alerting her that she has to return the money back directly to either Kris Wu or his mother’s account in order for it to count or else Kris Wu can deny receiving the money and she would have to owe him another 500,000 RMB.

At 9:02 pm, Du Meizhu wrote a lengthy post, giving Kris Wu an ultimatum:

“You truly have a rotten interior beneath that exterior! I really didn’t know you were capable of doing something like this. I don’t even know what we cdid wrong to let you torture us like this. I do a livestream and you allow your fans to say I want to be an internet celebrity to go live and sell products. I open a Xiaohongshu account, you said I want to be come famous and will do anything by all means to be famous. I couldn’t contact you, but I just wanted to know what happened. You arranged for marketing companies to say I slept with a celebrity and still wasn’t satisfied and didn’t have any shame. I carelessly leaked my cell phone number, you arranged for people to harass me 24 hours telling me to die. I expose you on Weibo, you arrange for a former pimp to go to my school to get dirt on me. I exposed the gossip, you tried to find ways to change the hot search trends to benefit you and remove the ones that are unfavorable to you. I’ve never said all of this before. I didn’t sue you. Do you think it’s because I don’t have money and no one dares to stand up? Do you know how many of your former or current employees who serve you came to me to expose the news? Do you know only this much of what I exposed of your behavior has already made how many people that used to do your dirty work feel chills and run towards the light? Do you know this situation has already broke through many circles and is now directly involving the entire Chinese society? Also, do you know just the things I have on hand right now can already send you to prison for at least 10 years? Haha, Mr. Wu, I want to ask you a rhetorical question. You’ve been around the entertainment industry for 10 years now, tell me what mark have you left. Your acting skills? Your extremely awkward variety show senses? Haha.

Now, even those who were only with you for money have also abandoned you. Will you regret it? Will you be scared? Have you ever reflected before? I want to ask you something, do you think you are considered a human? Have you ever tried to know more about my family situation? That’s right, you don’t even have time to know more about it. The time we were truly together doesn’t even add up to 10 days total. You’re bragging all day long. In a moment, you say you look down on this male survival show champion, in a moment, you look down on the currently popular female starlet, in a moment [you talk] about which female survival show artist is fawning over you everyday, in a moment, it’s another high ranking female executive that wants to hook up with you, but you didn’t go. You didn’t even have one good thing to say about your former teammates. Tell me have you ever said one good thing about (EXO’s) China line? Watching the variety show recorded from half a year ago, there is a scene of you and your former teammate hugging, you told him he had body odor. You can even say this out loud.

You probably don’t know, my family background isn’t bad at all. My monthly allowance is around 100,000 RMB. When the 2 million RMB deal fell through, I was trending a few times and you found someone to discuss with me again. One moment, it was 80 million RMB, one moment it was 120 million RMB, one moment it was 200 million RMB. It’s not that we can’t discuss it, yes, but there must be conditions, that is I must tell you all your victims’ information and also stay away from the public eye forever.

You can say such a thing. You know I am studying performance. Even if I don’t consider my own career, you think I can give you all the information of the people who you hurt, who you destroyed, got depression, self-harmed, got abortions for you, got STDs because of you, losing hair and going bald in their early 20s? I have a public channel that can allow the public to stand up for me. What about them? Bear your bullying? What makes you so confident? What is supporting your confidence? Is it your sexual ability which you need to take medication in order to get aroused? Or is it the phrase you must say, ‘ I am very big, bear it for a bit’, before you penetrate each time? The key question is you would actually say this to everyone. Were you inherently born with this line? Did you write the script for this line? When you wrote it, did you consider other people’s feelings? Finished after 2-3 minutes and then you still asked, ‘How was it? I was awesome, right?’. You were awesome, you were very awesome. ‘My big isn’t very big. All my ex-girlfriends said it was very big.’ Yours is big, yours is very big.”

Do you know? When women love you or think they love you, they are willing to lie to you and even lie to themselves. Each of one of us loved you before. Perhaps we thought we loved before, so in order to protect you, we lied to you. Do you know what is really feels like? It’s highly probable the feeling is like you originally wanting to pick your boogers with your hand, but you can only use a toothpick. You taste it, you carefully taste it, you carefully, carefully taste it. You should change your name to Wu Qian (toothpick 签) anyways, since you can’t use your name anymore.

Mr. Wu, I am telling you all the solid evidence I have right now are all my own. I still haven’t released what others gave me. You guys are very smart. You must know the victims who came to me aren’t that willing to stand in front of the public. But as the victims came to be me one by one, as each one of their lively and bloody experiences are slowly unfolding in front of us, as each victims’ age when they were attacked gets younger and younger, as it went from drug rape to gang rape, as it went from a single person to many people, we are, already angry!!!

You guys want me to provide solid evidence from day to night. I clearly know that if I release all these hard to believe things I have at hand, I would immediately win. But have you guys thought about it before? Due to necessary legal events and the media’s chase for a trending point, once I release it, these victims’ lives would be ruined like mine. I clearly know that my life is definitely already ruined. Even though I have only had sexual intercourse with Wu in my life, but the public has already saw me as sexually promiscuous early on. My future husband and my mother-in-law would definitely use this against me at every turn as long as we fight. Maybe my child would even be called a child of a public bus in kindergarten. My life has already been ruined, but I can’t ruin them. Because, I, am a person.

Okay, I am about to cry again. Mr. Wu, I’ll give you 24 hours to prepare a news conference to announce to the internet and the entire society that you are leaving the Chinese entertainment industry and will never step foot into it again. Then you should compensate the brands you’ve worked with before, apologize to those you should apologize to, apologize for all the official projects you endorse or have partnerships with, then think about a way to take down all your current images and products in China, including buildings and subway stations. At the same time, hand write an apology letter to all of the victims and post it on your Weibo page for 3 days, 72 hours. Afterwards, leave China immediately. You aren’t worthy of staying in this piece of land. Return to wherever you came, you Canadian. Before you leave, think of a way to extract the COVID vaccine from you. That is made in China, you are not worthy of getting it. Or else, I will immediately reveal these girls and I can make you lose everything and ruin your reputation. Okay, hurry and go prepare. Mr. Wu, this time, it’s a decisive battle.”

Hours later, Du Meizhu posted again, saying that she didn’t think Kris Wu was ill-natured, just that he grew up in a single parent family and had a mother that excessively spoiled him, and on top of that, the Chinese entertainment industry has rapidly developed in the last 10 years. Du Meizhu continues saying, “I know you haven’t been able to sleep the past few days, holding your head painfully crying at home, and even lost control and got rough with your employees. But you must remember, after all, you are human. Even more so, you are a man. You must grow up. You must face your own responsibilities. Even if you surrender, I would admire you, but regardless if you hurt yourself or hurt others, it’s still not right. You definitely can’t avoid life. Think about your mother, regardless of who’s right or wrong. She did indeed do a lot for you. These 10 years of your life have been exciting enough. How can ordinary people earn 2-3 billion? Stand up and be like a man.”

Since this whole ordeal started, Du Meizhu said she has received constant death threats and been smeared by netizens and yxh accounts (marketing accounts) disparaging her character, that she is only doing this for clout and to promote her online ship, she paid people to help her, etc. After her previous post, she uploaded pictures of a group chat labeled “Wu — Studio News Media Blog” with what seems to be several news bloggers and yxh (marketing accounts). Someone is seen asking who wants to do PR work* on the Wu (name is blocked out) incident, which shown several people saying they would be willing to accept it. One person claims they told Wu’s mother last month that something would happen and they didn’t listen.

Kris Wu’s team has yet to release any statement since July 8.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

*Cover up the scandal, pay for the unfavorable hashtags to be removed from the trending list, do smear campaigns, start hashtag about the other party to take away attention off of the main target, and more.