Kris Wu Personally Denies Luring and Rape Allegations and Says He Has Only Met Du Meizhu Once, Studio Issues Another Statement

Kris Wu Personally Denies Rape Allegations and Says He Has Only Met Du Meizhu Once, Studio Issues Another Statement

On the night of July 18, Du Meizhu’s interview with NetEase Entertainment was released in which she shared her experience of being allegedly sexually assaulted by Kris Wu and the methods he used to allegedly lure girls. Du Meizhu also published a lengthy post detailing additional serious accusations against Kris Wu and giving him an ultimatum to leave the entertainment industry, apologize to the victims, and leave China, or else she will release more damning information that would destroy him. Since Du Meizhu’s last post, several brands have cut ties, terminated contracts, and distanced themselves from Kris Wu.

Ever since Du Meizhu made these allegations ranging from luring underaged girls under the guise of job opportunities, having drinking parties and picking girls out from pictures, to date rape allegations, Kris Wu’s team has only issued one statement on July 8 denying all the allegations and stating they would file a police report and take legal action against her. After Du Meizhu’s ultimatum and NetEase interview, Kris Wu personally addressed the allegations at 8:06 am on July 19.

Kris Wu posted on his own Weibo: “I didn’t respond previously because I didn’t want to interfere with the advancement of the judicial process, but I didn’t think my silence would indulge in the intensity of rumor starters. I can’t bear it any more! I personally have only met Ms. Du once at a friend’s gathering on December 5, 2020. Didn’t force anyone to get drunk, didn’t confiscate cell phones, and there definitely weren’t any of the various ‘details’ she described. There were a lot of people at the gathering that day and they will all testify! I am very sorry for disturbing everyone. I declare, there was never any ‘harem selection parties’! No ‘luring and raping’! ‘Drug rape!’, ‘Nothing such as ‘underaged’! If such behavior exists, please don’t worry, everyone. I will enter prison myself!! I will take legal responsibility for all the words mentioned above!!”

Studio’s statement

Kris Wu’s studio followed up with another statement showing several screenshots of Du Meizhu’s posts and interviews with a big red “Fake” character stamped on them. They also said, “We reject all defamatory comments and the spreading of harmful online information. Please don’t use sensitive public opinion to maliciously incite public sentiments. Our team has already started the process of pursuing legal responsibility completed the work to file a police report. Believe in the fairness of the law and it will certainly set the record straight.”

The studio followed up with another statement saying that they had already issued a legal statement and started the process of taking legal action against the fake online rumors against Kris Wu. They said in the midst of the studio protecting their rights, Du Meizhu had continuously fabricated false information about Kris Wu to deliberately incite public opinion while constantly contacting the studio asking for a large sum of money as a condition for deleting the posts and to stop publishing related information.

The statement continues to say that on July 16 and July 17, Du Meizhu allegedly fabricated the studio’s WeChat account and Weibo account number. They said Du Meizhu fabricated the chat records to spread it on the internet in video format that has “maliciously lead the public to bring about “illegal” misunderstandings against Mr. Wu Yifan.”

The studio also says they confirmed they have never registered for a WeChat account and have never registered for a Weibo account number using the studio’s name. They claim the chat records Du Meizhu published online are fabricated.

Lastly, the studio condemned Du Meizhu for “spreading false information online”, her defamatory behavior, and warned relevant media outlets that they are adding fuel to the fire by unilaterally stating false information without verifying it first. They asked all online service providers to take responsibility in deleting the false information. They said they have already reported the aforementioned suspected illegal behavior of Du Meizhu to the police and they are currently investigating the case.

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  1. There is an issue in the US where misinformation has cost the lives of people during this pandemic. Therefore, I can only read without judging either of these two. Both Kris Wu and Du Meizhu are not good people based on all these articles, but only one is telling the truth, I hope the law finds out who this person is and able to hurt many people with their lies. I hope this person is able to face a pending apology.

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