YUE HUA Family 12th Anniversary Concert: Wang Yibo’s Green Ocean, Meng Meiqi and Justin’s Sizzling Performance, Cheng Xiao’s Figure, and More

YUE HUA Entertainment celebrated their 12th anniversary on July 17th with their annual “YUE HUA Family Concert” in Macau. Due to the pandemic, the concert was not held last year. The event was attended by practically all of YUE HUA’s artists, including Han Geng, Wang Yibo, Zhou Yixuan, Li Wenhan, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao, NEXT, Aria Jin, Hu Wenxuan, Hu Chunyang, and more.

The event took over the Weibo hot searches with trends like Wang Yibo’s “green ocean”, Cheng Xiao’s “hot figure”, Meng Meiqi and Justin’s performance together, and more.

Wang Yibo performed his single, “Wu Gan” (No Sense), to a green ocean of fans.

Cheng Xiao was also trending with the hashtag, “Cheng Xiao is so hot”, for her figure.

Meng Meiqi and Justin performed together on their new song, “Blood Moon”. The duo choreographed the dance together while Meng Meiqi was primarily in charge of writing the song.

Fan Chengcheng and Zhou Yixuan performed “Relationship:

Other highlights include the nonchalant expressions of some YUE HUA artists while they were performing the song, “Hua Hua De Shijie (lit. Huahua’s World).

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