Cheng Xiao Vents Out Frustration After Getting Criticized for Donating Too Little for Zhengzhou Flooding

Cheng Xiao Vents Out Frustration After Getting Criticized for Donating Too Little for Zhengzhou Flooding

The Zhengzhou capital of Henan province in China has been experiencing torrential and record shattering rainfall since last Saturday. However, the heaviest rain came pouring down on the city on July 20. It’s reported a year’s worth of rainfall came down on the city in these four days. The flooding left the city’s infrastructure devastated and caused many injuries and a rising death toll at 33. Several Chinese celebrities all rushed to donate money to the city. However, actress and singer, Cheng Xiao (程潇), was criticized by some netizens for donating too little.

Cheng Xiao had revealed she donated 100,000 RMB to the Zhengzhou flooding disaster. However, this triggered some netizens who felt the amount was too little. One person commented, “Carrying a bag worth 150,000, but only donated 100,000. Why don’t you donate two bags?” Afterwards, Cheng Xiao posted in response to her detractors, saying, “Donations, there’s something to say when you, you donate and they complains, you don’t donate and they still complain (only donated this little), donate a lot and they still complain (how come you didn’t as much as last time?). When did we start using donations to measure a person? Donations are not comparisons……Everyone just gives their best. Can’t we just focus on the matter at hand?”

After posting it, Cheng Xiao immediately deleted it. It’s suspected Cheng Xiao used her private Weibo account to reflect her feelings about the matter, “Really want to vomit.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity was criticized for their donation amount. Yang Zi reportedly received flack from some other celebrities’ managers when she donated 500,000 RMB to Wuhan during the beginning of the pandemic, while it was a tacit agreement among several celebrities studios to donate 200,000 RMB. Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming were also criticized for donating too little and later added 800,000 RMB to their donations.

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2 thoughts on “Cheng Xiao Vents Out Frustration After Getting Criticized for Donating Too Little for Zhengzhou Flooding

  1. These stupid Chinese netizens. All they know is to bash and criticize celebrities. Regardless of the amount, at least they donated; how about those obnoxious and lamebrain people who just blabber and complain? Did you even donate a penny? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Cheng Xiao didn’t even say anything wrong! Preach to what she said! The amount that an individual donated doesn’t measure an individual’s worth- if the act itself is sincere and genuine, then that’s something that speaks of what is really the true character of that person. Narrow minded individuals like these imbecile people just care about the amount and not about the sincerity of these celebrities give.

    If I can only give Cheng Xiao an honest advice personally, I’ll tell her to go back to South Korea and just continue her career there. I know being far from your family is really sad and heartbreaking; however, if the harassment and abuse that you receive from your compatriots are ceaseless, then I believe it’s better to leave than to make yourself go crazy. The trauma and the negative impact that this will give you and your loved ones are far more worse compared to expanding your career and popularity in China. Don’t let these immoral people with toxic personalities subjugate you- you know yourself better than anyone else. No matter what you do, good or bad, people will always have to say something about you- you cannot please everybody. I just hope that you will not drown to all the negativities of these callous people. Stay healthy physically and mentally. 💪🏻

  2. Hey at lease the actor or actress donate for the flood etc don’t criticized how much they spent

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