“Youth With You 3” Officially Debuts 9 Member Group, IXFORM

“Youth With You 3” was a tough season for iQIYI after the show’s debut night and finale was abruptly canceled due to controversies surrounding former trainee, Tony Yu Jingtian, and the “milk-pouring incident”. These issues got so out of hand that the government intervened and ordered iQIYI to stop recording the show and fix rectify their issues with their program including the voting system. As a result, iQIYI and its drink sponsor apologized and promised to refund customers for their unused products. The show never got it’s debut night finale on May 8 and a group didn’t debut.

Despite not having a debut night, there were rumors circulating that iQIYI did an informal meeting to announce the top 9 trainees that would be part of the group. The rumored top 9 were:

  1. Luo Yizhou
  2. JOJO (Tang Jiuzhou)
  3. Lian Huaiwei
  4. Neil (Liu Guanyou)
  5. Jerome.D (Deng Xiaoci)
  6. Kachine (Sun Yinghao)
  7. Jun Liu
  8. Duan Xingxing
  9. Sun Yihang

Shortly after, it was rumored this group was called “NINEVER”, after a former trainee of the show seemingly exposed the name. However, iQIYI denied the rumors circulating about a group called “NINEVER” debuting.

Fast forward to July 25, the rumored top 9 trainees gathered to attend iQIYI’s music festival, “超乐音乐节” (lit. Super Happy Music Festival). They also took this opportunity to officially announce they were debuting as “IXFORM”. Just like the rumored members list that was circulating back on May, the same members introduced themselves in the same order at the festival. Luo Yizhou led the group by saying, “Hello, everyone. We Are IXFORM”.

While it sounded like they were saying, “XFORM”, the group name was reported as IXFORM by the media and the group’s official fan club has already been established with IXFORM. While the group name takes away the iQIYI tradition of having a reference to “9” or “NINE”, “IX” in latin.

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4 thoughts on ““Youth With You 3” Officially Debuts 9 Member Group, IXFORM

  1. I’m, too, happy to hear from them, to see that they’re doing well and finally can have group activities. In their recent interview, they’re all smiles and having fun, enjoying e.o’s company — it’s just wholesome, my heart’s filled with warmth 🤗❤️

  2. I’m so happy for the boys! They finally get to see the fruition of their and their fans hard work. Honestly, for the last two months, I actually thought it would be better to not place in the Top 9 since the others are getting work opportunities and pushing content already.

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