Police Release Investigation Results on Du Meizhu’s Allegations Against Kris Wu: Both Were Conned by a Third Party, Du Meizhu Speaks Up

Police Release Investigation Results on Du Meizhu's Allegations Against Kris Wu Both Were Conned by a Third Party, Du Meizhu Speaks Up

On July 22, the Beijing Youth Daily released the results of the police investigation on Kris Wu (吴亦凡) after Du Meizhu (都美竹) alleged his manager had approached her under the guise of selecting her to be a female lead for a music video and to sign her as an artist. She claimed Kris Wu and his team kept forcing her to drink alcohol when they met and when she woke up, she was in Kris Wu’s bed, accusing him of raping her. Since her initial accusations, Du Meizhu also pointed out Kris Wu had allegedly used the same MO on many other girls, including underaged girls. Du Meizhu claimed there were 7 other victims, including her. Kris Wu’s side has denied all the allegations since the incident started on July 8.

The series of events

December 2020

According to the Beijing Chaoyang Police, Kris Wu and Du Meizhu only met once and had sexual relations with each other. Based on their investigation, on December 5, 2020, Feng “Someone”, (female, 28 year old, currently working as Wu Yifan’s manager), invited Du Meizhu (female, 18) to meet at Kris Wu’s (male, 30) home to attend a gathering under the premise to audition to be the female lead in a music video. During this time, all participants’ cell phones were confiscated and stored together. More than 10 people were playing board games and drinking alcohol. Around 7am the next day, the other participants had already left one by one. Du Meizhu stayed overnight at Kris Wu’s home after consuming alcohol. The two of them had sex. Du Meizhu had already turned 18 years of age when they had sex. According to Du Meizhu’s Weibo profile, she was born on November 18, 2002. In the afternoon of the same day, Du Meizhu left Kris Wu’s home after having a meal. The two of them added each other on WeChat during this period.

On December 8, 2020, Kris Wu transferred over 30,000 RMB to Du Meizhu for her to shop online. A few days prior, the two of them were in close contact. From then on until sometime in April 2021, the two of them kept in contact on WeChat.

April 2021

After April, because Kris Wu wouldn’t respond to Du Meizhu’s WeChat messages, Du Meizhu felt she was being left out. In June, after Du Meizhu started to post information regarding Kris Wu online, he deleted her WeChat contact.

June 2021 to July 2021

Du Meizhu and her friends started to create hype in order to help her gain popularity with the help of “online writers” to write the 1,000 letter word “decisive battle” post.

According to the police investigation, in June 2021, Du Meizhu and her good friend, Liu “Someone” Wen (female, 19) discussed to release information online about the journey of her relationship with Kris Wu in order to increase her popularity. On June 2, Liu “Someone” Wen used Weibo account, “Liu Meili Classmate” (刘美丽同学_) to publish the post about Du Meizhu being “emotionally abused” (being ghosted) by Kris Wu. On June 3, Wu Yifan posted, “No snowflake is innocent.Hu (Flopped) Fan once again entertained everyone the entire day. Hope you guys got all you wanted.” On the same day, Du Meizhu posted, “Then so be it. Let each other be well.”

July 8 to July 11, Du Meizhu followed up and posted three hype up posts. Among the posts, it includes Du Meizhu claiming when she was with Wu Yifan, he was having relations with many other girls around him; Du Meizhu said she was ready to file a police report; Du Meizhu claimed she had evidence that hadn’t been released.

July 13, online writer, Xu “Someone” (male, 31), took the initiative to contact Du Meizhu to gain profit. After negotiating and planning together, they came up with the “decisive battle” post and 10 others that were all written by Xu “Someone”. Starting from July 16, Du Meizhu would publish these posts one after the other on her Weibo account.

The scam

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from police that Du Meizhu gained a large amount of Weibo followers during publication of the prior posts. This prompted Du Meizhu to invite Xu “Someone” to come to Beijing and continue to “package” her. Xu “Someone” had also revealed to the police that seeing Du Meizhu gain so many followers, he thought that as long as he helped package her, Du Meizhu would definitely become a huge internet celebrity in the future. When that time comes, he could also serve as her manager. According to the police’s current situation at hand, the 1,000 word “decisive battle” post resulted from the repackaging and compilation of the content from Xu “Someone” and Du Meizhu’s online conversations. As for the content Du Meizhu provided, it also includes fictional content from others.

June 2021 – July 2021

In June 2021, after seeing Du Meizhu and Kris Wu’s online information, 23 year old male, Liu “Someone” Tiao, who only has a junior high education, came up with the idea to pretend to be a relevant person in the matter to con both parties involved. Afterwards, Liu “Someone” Tiao, fictionalized his female identity and conned Du Meizhu into believing him under the guise that she was cheated by Kris Wu before and wished to come together to protect her rights. He also used the nickname “DDX” as his WeChat name to communicate with Du Meizhu and gained some of the information about Du Meizhu and Kris Wu’s relationship.

On July 10, Liu “Someone” Tiao took advantage of the information he got and pretended to be Du Meizhu and sent emails to Kris Wu’s studio, claiming they would expose Kris Wu’s dirt online. After getting in contact with Kris Wu’s lawyer, he asked for 8 million RMB in compensation to settle the matter between both parties. In the end, they agreed on 3 million RMB. Afterwards, Liu “Someone” Tiao” sent his and Du Meizhu’s bank account information to Kris Wu’s lawyer in an attempt to make Kris Wu’s lawyer transfer 3 million RMB to both accounts.

On July 11, to alleviate the situation temporarily, Kris Wu’s mother transferred two payments of 500,000 RMB to Du Meizhu’s account. In Du Meizhu’s eyes, this 500,000 RMB was the Kris Wu “mysterious hush money” that they paid her. Seeing that Du Meizhu already received the 500,000 RMB, but Liu “Someone” Tiao hadn’t received his funds yet, he continued to pretend to be Du Meizhu and asked Kris Wu’s lawyer for the remaining 2.5 million RMB, but failed in his attempt.

On July 17, 2021, Du Meizhu accused Kris Wu of making her sign a “admission of guilt” letter, which is the contract Du Meizhu said she got from Kris Wu’s side if they were to settle. In actuality, Kris Wu and Du Meizhu had never directly contacted each other before since the case started. Afterwards, Liu “Someone” Tiao impersonated Kris Wu’s lawyer and faked a WeChat account using “Beijing Fanshi Culture Media” (Kris Wu’s studio name). He contacted Du Meizhu claiming to be Kris Wu’s lawyer and negotiated with her on 3 million RMB settlement fee or else she had to return the 500,000 RMB that was transferred to her earlier.

Du Meizhu agreed to return the funds. Liu “Someone” Tiao, still pretending to be Kris Wu’s lawyer, changed his personal Alipay account name to “seven” and gave it to Du Meizhu. Due to Alipay’s limit, Du Meizhu transferred money in multiple increments up to 180,000 RMB into that account. At this point, Kris Wu’s lawyer believe they already paid out 500,000 RMB and Du Meizhu believes Kris Wu transferred the mysterious 500,000 RMB to her account without explanation. She was threatened to sign the “admission of guilt” letter and then they demanded the money back if she didn’t sign it.

On July 17, 2021, Du Meizhu posted the money transfer records and accused Kris Wu of making her sign an “admission of guilt” letter. The conflicts between both parties has escalated. During this whole process, Kris Wu, Kris Wu’s lawyer, and Du Meizhu have never established any direct contact. Both parties’ so-called “contact” all came from the con of Liu “Someone” Tiao, using “DDX”, impersonating Du Meizhu’s WeChat and impersonating Kris Wu’s studio. During Liu “Someone” Tiao and Du Meizhu’s interactions, they would only do written communication as the former was afraid of exposing his male identity.

On July 14, 2021, the Beijing Chaoyang Police received a report from Kris Wu’s mother claiming they were being blackmailed and extorted by Du Meizhu. At the time, police accepted the case and conducted an investigation according to the law. The suspect, Liu “Someone” Tiao, was identified while he was working and arrested on July 18, 2021 in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. Liu “Someone” Tiao confessed to committing fraud. He is currently criminally detained by the Chaoyang authorities in accordance with the law.

At the same time, Beijing Daily Youth reporters learned from the Beijing Chaoyang Police that up until this point, Du Meizhu, herself, and all the other involved parties that accused Kris Wu of “drug rape” and other allegations, have not filed a police report.

Regarding the recent reports by netizens of “Kris Wu repeatedly luring young women into having sex” and other recent related exposures, the Beijing Chaoyang Police are still in the process of investigating. If a crime has been committed, the police will strictly handle it in accordance with the law.

Du Meizhu Responds

After the Beijing Chaoyang Police released their report on the investigation, Du Meizhu posted at 10:28 pm and wrote, “I don’t want to take up public resources. Hope this matter will end soon, really tired.” and included her statement:

Feng Meng (Kris Wu’s manager) used work discussions and signing new artists as excuses to meet up with me and even said only we are meeting to talk (Just when I finished the college entrance examination in July 2020, they already invited me a few times to go and even contacted me to go play Werewolf with Wu, but I turned it all down).

Because she is a female, I didn’t take any precautions. When I got into the car she called for me, I only found out after arriving that I was going to a drinking party at Wu’s home; it wasn’t just the two of us purely talking about work. I said my alcohol tolerance is really bad. The people at the bar kept feeding me drinks to get me drunk. I even threw up in the process. Afterwards, I drank until I was unconscious. Feng Meng sent me to Wu’s room…..

I didn’t initiate to go! I didn’t intend to stay!

After having sex, the next day he told me he would take responsibility for me. So I trusted him that he wanted to date me and even stayed at his home to eat.

He paid for my online shopping, said it was for my 18th birthday present. Afterwards, we kept in contact a good few months, but then he disappeared. Then he was exposed to be dating someone else. At the same time, my friend contacted me and said Wu was pursuing her.

I didn’t [commit] fraud. I didn’t receive money. They transferred money over without my approval. I will return all of it back to the police.

So many girls that were deceived found me. I already tried my best to speak up. You can say I am doing this for hype, to be famous, you can say what you want. I don’t care. Perhaps there isn’t an ending that will satisfy everyone, but I really tried my best. Hope young girls without much real world experiences won’t get their body and feelings cheated anymore.”

Du Meizhu also left a comment under the post: “Maybe I’m too dramatic. My heart can’t bear it, that’s why I got depressed after being abandoned. After being cyber bullied, I got depressed. It’s all my fault. You guys can yell.”

Du Meizhu currently has over 5.1 million Weibo followers. This post of hers received over 4.8 million likes. Despite the results of the police investigation that said Du Meizhu and a friend conspired to help her get popular, many netizens left comments in support of Du Meizhu: “You are really brave”. , “girls help girls, pin it up!”, “We don’t need to remember what imperfections victims have, just need to nail Kris Wu to the pillar of shame for a lifetime.”, “Honestly speaking, even though the female party did it for hype, but she didn’t lie. I also think she did a good thing or else we still wouldn’t know how many other girls would suffer. As for this type of morally corrupt people, they are still living happily. wyf, get out of China.”, “Victims don’t need to be perfect, but perpetrators need to be guilty!”, “The police proved what you said is true! Well done! Even though there are people who felt you did it for hype, you exposed a foreigner without any morals and his team that harmed underaged girls. Still well done! Jiayou”, “Toothpick man, go to [prison]!”, “If she didn’t stand up, Toothpick Wu might still be continuing to deceive other young girls. So she is very brave. Even though she’s not perfect, she shouldn’t be yelled at either.”

There were some comments who criticized Du Meizhu: “No way, she treated you guys as tools to make enough money. You guys are still here, so funny.”, “You don’t want to? You already reached your goal, millions of fans, the police already said you wanted to become famous. Wu is indeed not anything good. You are also cheap. You willingly had sex, so you two are the perfect match.”, “Why didn’t you explain it clearly in the beginning. You had to hype it up and now the police said you did it to became known. You’re also starting to take the moral high ground. Don’t paint yourself so cleanly.”, “Jiejie (older sister), didn’t want to take up [resources]? Feels like you’ve been taking it up for a long time!”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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  1. All this proves is that both parties sent genuine screenshots and that Kris Wu had lied when he said he didn’t know her. People keep trying to put her on blast and question her for wanting popularity but no one bothers to question how Kris Wu’s manager approached these girls with the pretense of casting and let him do whatever he wanted with them. People excuse his actions as if he’s a victim.

    So many other victims even other celebrities came out risking their careers. I know Kris Wu’s fans have worshipped their brain cells off but just think about it. Would all these girls come out publicly lying when they could potentially go to jail??? If this were all fake would Du really go this far and also reject allll that money???

  2. he’s a slutty sleazebag with double standards who sleeps around but only wants “pure” girls which is probably why he preys on teens. she’s no angel but she’s basically a child and who hasn’t done stupid stuff at that age. personally i don’t understand when girls choose to get black out drunk around strangers without at least a friend to look out for them. but i get that peer pressure can be overwhelming and nobody deserves to be taken advantage of when incapacitated and can’t really give consent.

    1. I like some of your points. Even worse is either DMZ or the other girls said they were invited for work, when they came to the function it was Kris, drinks and other girls. The mood was awkward and kris got angry and said if they didn’t have fun he’d blacklist them in the entertainment industry (something to that etfect) so she got scared and drank. One girl escaped because her tolerance was high.

  3. His PR team so powerful. Way to whitewash a 30 year old who manipulates the naivety of many young teens <20 year olds. The police confirmed that he and his assistant DID invite those girls under the pretext of MV auditions and did make them drunk. He may escape r-pe charges due to the law process but he his moral image has severely fallen – from different girls statements so far not just DMZ he fits the image of the 30 year old predator who manipulates teens for pleasures and coaxes the teens after the deeds with sweet mouths in the context of bearing the responsibility and starting a 'relationship.

  4. It doesn’t matter what she said is fake or not. What matters is she’s not the only one that came out. People are defending Kris based on her statement but what about all the other girls who came out and shared his text messages. Secondly, he still sent this third person money because of blackmailed. If he didn’t do anything wrong why did he send the money. Also for people saying why can’t the girl said no. If it was that easy we wouldn’t have rape cases or drunk non-consent incident. Emotional manipulation is a thing and frankly those who ignores it definitely lack humanity.

  5. They really trying their best to whitewash him aren’t they? Twenty-six girls and young women. 26! No wonder why folks in the comments from previous articles were lamenting a potential cover up.

    1. Girls can always say no. Why didn’t they? If they knew they had an age gap with kw why continue? And this du girl I think the term hell hath no fury like a woman scorned happened when he decided to end it. Too many holes but the end result she damaged kw just because he dumped her

      1. You are a piece of work. If girls can just say no then there won’t be victims in this world. Did you think before replying? Or is that empty brain just for decoration purposes?

      2. You’re funny. Why don’t you tell that to all the r*pe victims out there? “Well, you could’ve said no.” She also explained she got in the car with the female agent, who she thought she was just meeting alone. Also, there’s been other girls that came out that said they sometimes target girls in his fan club saying they got invited to a special small fan meeting. You don’t assume your idol, someone you look up to and admire, would set a trap for you. Just because she has holes in her story, doesn’t mean Kris is innocent. Even if she initially did it for more attention, doesn’t mean he didn’t do any of the things she said. There have been other girls who came out and described the same MO that she explained. I understand her motivations might not have been altruistic, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize with her and what she went through.

      3. Saying No can be easy in some people’s eyes. But to those guys who have not learn life’s lesson, it’s easier said than done. Inexperienced girls tend to fall for the “attention”, the “perceived love” that these men give. That’s why more scumbags, predictors like Kris Wu are attracted to girls like them. These dirtbag treat these girls like a medal they had just won because they took away the girl’s virginity. And it’s true, it is sad that these girls fall for it… but at the same time, Kris Wu is 30, he should know better by now. In addition, all the people who do is bidding should feel the same amount of shame as Kris Wu. Shame on them all.

        Manipulation is still a wrong. And that’s exactly what he did to all those girls. They may not be innocent, but there’s a foul in play by Kris Wu’s management for condoning this action. A public figure should be accountable for his action and not turn a blind eye to it.

      4. I feel sorry for WYF’s good fans when his other fans make trash comments like this that excuse rape. Girls can always say “no”? How about WYF just don’t rape girls and women.

  6. I need to read this article many times so I can understand. So complicated.
    Thinking about Du Meizhu’s previous statements, I don’t know what was real and what was fake anymore.
    This topic of Kris Wu really caught my full attention since it started.

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