All of EXO’s “Happy Camp” Episodes are Taken Down Following Kris Wu’s Detainment

All of EXO's "Happy Camp" Episodes are Taken Down Following Kris Wu's Detainment

China continues to clean up their internet following Kris Wu’s detainment for allegedly “repeatedly luring young women into having sexual relations”. Since July 31, the police haven’t released further updates about Kris Wu’s case. Even though the police hasn’t said anything about Kris Wu being formally charged yet, the government and Chinese social media platforms have already taken the initiative to delete his accounts and music. His name has been removed from some of his previous works on Douban, which is like a hybrid of IMDb and reddit.

On August 3, the purging of Kris Wu from the Chinese internet continued when it was discovered all the EXO episodes of “Happy Camp”, one of the longest running and popular Chinese variety shows, were taken down from Mango TV.

EXO went on “Happy Camp” a total of four times. Three of those appearances had Kris Wu when he was still a part of EXO. The first episode was on June 9, 2012, which only consisted of EXO-M members.

The second episode on July 21, 2012 consisted of 12 members and was their first time promoting in China as one group.

The third episode was on July 6, 2013, which consisted all 12 members promoting their first album, “XOXO”, consisting the hits “Growl” and “Wolf”.

However, the last episode, which falls on July 05, 2014, was also cut. EXO was promoting their comeback with “Overdose”, but Kris Wu had already left the group by this time, so only 11 people were on this episode.

The episodes are still available on Hunan TV’s Youtube channel for now:

June 6, 2012:

July 12, 2012:

July 06, 2013:

July 05, 2014:

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