Li En, Netizen Claiming to be Du Meizhu’s Cousin, Comes Clean about Their Relationship

Ever since Du Meizhu (都美竹) accused Kris Wu (吴亦凡) of drug raping her and other underaged girls, there have been a lot of bizarre twists and turns as the case unfolded. At one point during the case, a woman claiming to be Du Meizhu’s cousin, Li En (李恩), had previously spoken on her behalf and made posts firing shots at Kris Wu and showed pictures claiming Du Meizhu was spotted with him. After the news of Kris Wu being detained was released, Li En commented, “Only after experiencing hell-like torture, can you have the power to conquer heaven. Our efforts were not in vain. All the injustices we have suffered will turn into motivation. Thank you.”

Li En’s deleted post in which she called out Kris Wu for making his second statement denying the allegations. She also showed screenshots claiming netizens spotted Du Meizhu with him.

However, Du Meizhu gave an interview with NetEase Entertainment and clarified that Li En isn’t related to her and is just a good friend. She said she had previously told Li En to delete her posts and to stop posting about her, but she wouldn’t listen. She also said Li En’s views are her own and don’t represent her. So Du Meizhu resorted to speaking with the media in hopes of getting Li En to stop. After that interview came out, Li En had deleted some of her posts.

Li En once going live to talk about Du Meizhu

On August 1, Kris Wu and his studio’s Weibo accounts were shut down. It was on the same day that the Weibo accounts of three women from the industry that previously supported Kris Wu during his 2016 scandal with Xiao Gina were blocked from posting. Li En’s account was also blocked from posting for violating Weibo’s community guidelines.

On August 3, Li En finally responded to the debate about her identity. Li En shared that the serious impact from Du Meizhu’s interview with NetEase Entertainment has caused a lot of damage to her. She had reached out to Du Meizhu repeatedly to help her clarify, but she was rejected. Li En said that Du Meizhu asked her for help to speak about the issue after drinking one night. She claims she had also been helping her contact people who could help with exposing Kris Wu.

They agreed Li En would be helping Du Meizhu post on June 2 as her cousin and that “Early on, she did indeed mention me as her cousin in her Weibo posts. I didn’t pop out suddenly.” Li En says she doesn’t know why Du Meizhu suddenly changed her attitude when facing the media and admits, “We indeed don’t have any blood relations. I am older than her by a few years. I had the fortune of being her cousin for two months.”

Li En claims that she didn’t want to get involved with this, but was pressured by netizens and some media outlets to speak up. After Du Meizhu’s “declaration of war” post on Kris Wu, Li En did a livestream with the digital newspaper, The Paper, and a lawyer to talk about the situation. Due to her latest comment about Kris Wu’s detainment, she claims she was maliciously misled by some media outlets and made netizens to misunderstand her. She apologized for being reckless, but she couldn’t get a hold of Du Meizhu. Li En said she had no way of bearing all the pressure.

Lastly, Li En said she has a clear conscience, didn’t receive money and isn’t sorry to anyone. She only did it to help Du Meizhu, but says the media painted her as if she’s doing this for clout. Li En explains she was yelled at and threatened for over two months and said, “What kind of popularity makes you take risks to gain it? In the end, I was still said to be gaining clout?”. Li En said she hopes this is the last time she will be explaining the matter and only wants to live within her own circle.

She also showed a screenshot with someone believed to be Du Meizhu explaining she made the clarification with the media to stop yxh accounts (marketing accounts) from reposting Li En was her cousin and the matter with her speaking up for her.

Du Meizhu reportedly explaining to Li En why she clarified their relationship with the media

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)