Ning Jing Tells Huang Xiaoming He is Overdoing it for Only Eating One Strand of Noodles while Dieting

The fifth season of Chinese variety show, “Chinese Restaurant” (中餐厅), aired on July 30. Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) is back running a restaurant with new cast members including Ning Jing (宁静), Simon Gong Jun (龚俊), Zhou Ye (周也), internet sensation Tenzin (丁真) also known as Ding Zhen, and Huawei heiress, Annabel Yao (姚安娜).

In the second episode, the cast are eating together and Huang Xiaoming only grabs one strand of noodle before passing it off to Tenzin saying he’s still growing. Huang Xiaoming explains he has to film later on and is afraid to get fat. He says, “Once I eat, I get fat.”

Ning Jing then comes to the table and one of the workers tells her that Huang Xiaoming only grabbed one strand of noodles to eat. Ning Jing asks Huang Xiaoming what he’s doing and he responds, “I am on a diet”, and she tells him, “Don’t exaggerate like this.” Huang Xiaoming tells her he isn’t exaggerating, but Ning Jing reponds, “I’m telling you, you’re overdoing it a bit!” Huang Xiaoming responds, “Then I’ll eat another strand” and says he already ate eggs and other things. Ning Jing tells him to eat some meat or peppers. Huang Xiaoming responds, “My teeth hurts”, which prompts Ning Jing to say, “Why do you have so many illnesses? You’re so young.”

The conversation ends with Huang Xiaoming joking, “Because I am young, my wisdom teeth are growing out. I was originally quite dumb. Now I have some wisdom.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3), MangoTV

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