MangoTV Creates Male Version of “Sisters Who Make Waves” with “Call Me By Fire”

MangoTV Creates Male Version of Sisters Who Make Waves with Call Me By Fire

MangoTV struck gold last year with its variety show, “Sisters Who Make Waves” (乘风破浪的姐姐). The show featured 30 female artists aged 30 and over with either acting, dancing, or singing backgrounds, a chance to stand on the stage again and not be defined by industry norms. The first season of the show was such a hit that it spawned a second season that ended in April and a male version from YOUKU.

On August 6, MangoTV announced the male version of “Sisters Who Make Waves” called, “Call Me By Fire” (披荆斩棘的哥哥), which will air sometime in August. MangoTV revealed the 33 “geges” (big brothers) in a photoshoot collaborating with GQ. Unlike “Sisters Who Make Waves”, some of the male contestants on this show are under 30.

The participants consist of 33 artists from different backgrounds:

  • Beyond’s Paul Wong; Hong Kong singer
  • Terry Lin Zhixuan; Taiwanese singer/songwriter
  • Jordan Chan; Hong Kong actor and singer
  • Michael Tse; Hong Kong actor and singer
  • Jerry Lamb; Hong Kong actor and host
  • Chilam Cheung; Hong Kong actor and singer
  • Edmond Leung; Hong Kong actor and singer
  • Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo; Chinese actor and martial artist
  • The Face’s Chen Hui; Chinese singer
  • Huang Zheng; Chinese actor and singer
  • Max Zhang Jin; Chinese actor and martial artist
  • Yu Quan’s Hu Haiquan; Chinese singer
  • Jerry Yan; Taiwanese actor and singer
  • MC Hotdog; Taiwanese rapper
  • Black Panther’s Zhang Qi; Chinese singer
  • MC Jin; Chinese-American actor and rapper
  • Li Yundi; Chinese pianist
  • Aoquan (Owodog); Taiwanese actor and singer
  • Nathan Lee Seung-hyun (Li Chengxuan); Korean-American actor and singer
  • Liu Duanduan; Chinese actor and singer
  • Yin Zheng; Chinese actor
  • GAI; Chinese rapper
  • Leon Zhang Yunlong; Chinese actor
  • Royal Pirates’ James Lee Joo-hyun (Li Zhuxian); Korean-American singer
  • KEY. L (Liu Cong); Chinese rapper
  • Ricky (Rui Qi); Chinese rapper
  • Gao Hanyu; Chinese actor and singer
  • Henry Mak; Chinese actor and singer
  • Huo Zun; Chinese singer
  • Liu Jia; Chinese dancer
  • Li Xiang; Chinese dancer
  • Congo Pax (Bai Jugang); Chinese actor and singer
  • Bridge (Buruiji); Chinese rapper

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