Chinese Streaming Sites Have Started Removing Zhang Zhehan’s Works, Including “Word of Honor”, from their Platforms

Chinese Streaming Sites Have Started Removing Zhang Zhehan's Works, Including Word of Honor, from their Platforms

In the early hours of August 20, it was reported that Youku had taken down their most popular series this year, “Word of Honor” (山河令), stemming from Zhang Zhehan’s (张哲瀚) scandal. Netizens discovered the drama starring Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong Jun (龚俊) was no longer on Youku’s site or app and only the BTS and concerts were still available. However, a few hours later, the series was made available on Youku again.

After “Word of Honor” was re-uploaded, a netizen reached out to Youku’s customer service asking if the series will be taken down. Youku said that there were certain content that was not viewable while they were doing system upgrades the previous night. Everything was restored to normalcy. When the netizen asked, “So it’s not being removed?” Youku responded back, “Dear, sorry for the inconveniences caused. Customer Service can really understand your state of mind. Really sorry.”

It seemed like things were normal again. However, later that night, it was discovered “Word of Honor” was once again removed from Youku. All the official BTS and concerts were also removed this time. The series is still available on Youku’s Youtube channel and other international streaming platforms for now.

Other streaming platforms have also started taking down Zhang Zhehan’s works such as “The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion” (如意芳霏), Legend of Yun Xi (芸汐传), “Banshu Legend” (班淑傳奇)”, and “Cosmetology High” (美人制造). This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the Chinese Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) had previously issued a statement that they were denouncing Zhang Zhehan and called for their members to boycott him from the entertainment industry. Youku had already removed Zhang Zhehan’s name from the cast list.

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13 thoughts on “Chinese Streaming Sites Have Started Removing Zhang Zhehan’s Works, Including “Word of Honor”, from their Platforms

  1. CAPA is such a n*zi…is this how they control the performers in China. Such a shameful act….get a hold of yourself and remove your head out of your arse CAPA…..did he kill anyone, rape anyone, or commit fraud or commit a crime. I truly understand the atrocities the Japanese committed on the Chinese…they were unforgivably cruel …but this does not give CAPA the right to destroy someone’s life in the name of national sentiments….what CAPA and the authorities are doing is a deliberate act of exteme malice…..many Asian countries suffered in the hands of the Japanese….so get over yourself CAPA, Authorities, and the so-called “righteous” netizens. Take a good look at yourself before you make moral judgements on others. As for brands who just abandoned the actor without just question like a bunch of meek lambs being led to the slaughter house… you obviously have no empathy…shame on you….

    Zhang Zhe Han, I hope that tide turns in your favour. Be strong and hang in there. Here’s to good things coming your way soon. All the best.

    1. Sad for the repressive and unjust system. He is a great actor and human being who deserves better.
      Come to the west and recover your career here!

  2. Destroying someone’s career for something like that…..this is the height of stupidity…it’s as if none of their citizens have ever made a mistake which is controversial to their country….just bcoz ZZH is someone with a fame and it’s easy to drag him down so they did this even after he is reflecting upon it and has apologized… be honest they don’t deserve him…. hypocrites

  3. This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Zane is truly an amazingly talented young actor. There is no need to destroy his career over him visiting a shrine. Sounds like he needs to move to America, since China does not appreciate him.

    1. I agree…I loved ” word of honor” and he’s a great actor. he does need to come to the states..I can’t believe they destroyed everything he worked for when I’m sure most of them done worse things…

  4. This is completely ridiculous, how many have done the same, why him, maybe because the conservatives are not confortable with how open he is. I want to see him on tv and movies. He is really an amazing actor. Shame on CAPA

  5. Are there rules about where you a visit in the world during your own time? Boycotting someone from there job, aka actor, is ridiculous.

  6. “Chop the Head and hang on the fence” I guess this is a Warning to All Artists. zhang have become the scapegoat. As the photos was year 2018 ….why not then…

  7. How would boycotting Zhang Zhe Han solve anything? What it actually does is financially hurting his co-stars who were in the same movies that are being taken down; not to mention the businesses that had been associated with him. And as for Zhang Zhe Han, he was not caught on his knee declaring his love for those Japanese warriors, was he? Get over it, China. All you do is hurting your own people.

    1. This is ridiculous. What happening to these people. So righteous. Ruining a lifelong hard work for some ridiculous attending to a friend wedding and sightseeing. Hope that moron who upload the old photo will meet his or her karma soon.

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