TNT’s Ding Chengxin Joins “Happy Camp” as a Permanent Host

Back in April, TNT (时代少年团) member, Ding Chengxin (丁程鑫) was selected to be a temporary host on the popular HunanTV variety show, “Happy Camp” (快乐大本营). His stint was meant to last 12 weeks while Xie Na was on maternity leave. Even with Xie Na returning to hosting duties on “Happy Camp”, Ding Chengxin is staying longer than expected. On August 23, it was announced Ding Chengxin would be joining “Happy Camp” as a permanent host.

Ding Chengxin is the 6th member to join He Jiong (何炅), Xie Na (谢娜), Li Weijia (李维嘉), Wu Xin (吴昕), and Du Haitao (杜海涛) in the “Happy Family”. In the show’s 24 year history, there have been a minimum amount of changes in the hosting line up. The last addition was back in 2006 with Wu Xin and Du Haitao. The five members of the “Happy Family” all posted to celebrate Ding Chengxin joining the show with similar messages saying, “Hello everyone, we are ‘Happy Family’.”

While the general has been positive, there were some netizens who left comments on “Happy Camp’s” official announcement, saying, “Happy Family is only five people.”, “I don’t dislike didi. Whoever joins, I will have the same attitude. Don’t want it! Thankful for didi’s substitution when five people were temporarily not gathered together. Can’t five people continue walking on the road together? Why must there be a new person joining?”, “If you guys had to add a person, can you not call it Happy Family…It’s not that I have objections against didi. He’s very good, but Happy Family is just five people.”, “Sorry, I can’t accept it. Only five people is considered our Happy Family!!! I can’t even see our initial intentions anymore, so tiring.”

Aside from the comments congratulating Ding Chengxin, some netizens left more neutral comments such as, “I can understand some Family fans’ feelings. After all, they’ve watched five people for so long. Definitely can’t accept it right away. Leave everything up to time. Xiao Ding will also work hard.”, “I really like that Xiao Ding can go on frequently, but it has been 8 years since I saw my first episode of Happy Camp. I only know of 5 people in Happy Family. However, it has already been decided. I can only hope everyone can slowly accept Xiao Ding.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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  1. Wow I’m happy to see that didi is joining as a permanent host of the happy camp family😍🤩🤩
    He is my bias in TNT and 2nd in TF family 1st is Karry Wang 💙🦀🤭.
    Glad to see him every week……
    Thank you jie jie for the updates.

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