IXFORM Members Vote Jun Liu to be the Leader of the Group

It has been a little over a month into IXFORM’s debut. The “Youth With You 3” boy group uploaded their first vlog on August 29. The vlog went behind the scenes of their first performance and also the announcement of their debut. They also revealed the group’s leader, fandom name, fandom color, and support slogan.

When the fandom name was revealed to be FORMIX, Duan Xingxing and JOJO were particularly excited, while everyone was still a bit dazed. The Chinese fandom name is “mi guo zi” (米果子), which means “rice crackers”.

FORMIX received 4,650 votes to be selected as the fandom name.

The group’s fandom color: #AAAAF9  #F9AAAA  #F99178

Jun Liu was voted as the leader of the group with 7 votes with each member writing down their votes on paper. Two members gave up their votes. In his speech, Jun Liu said, “It wasn’t easy for us to form the group. I hope everything that’s coming will be very easy with me as the leader.”

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    1. They should just include them so they can actually be XFORM, and pronounce their name right instead of the silent “I” in front :). Just kidding. He doesn’t need to subject himself to IQiyi and their crappy management of these boys when he has a big enough fan base to be solo.

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