Luna Qin Recounts Being Bullied and Getting Hate Messages on Two Year Anniversary of Dating Rumors with Kris Wu

Two years ago on August 30, 2019, Luna Qin (秦牛正威) received so much hate when dating rumors were viral between her and Kris Wu (吴亦凡) after they were spotted holding hands in an underground parking lot. Luna Qin received a lot of hate from Kris Wu’s fans and netizens saying she was opportunistic and purposely hired or alerted paparazzi to take pictures of her and Kris Wu together.

Kris Wu and Luna Qin caught holding hands on August 30, 2019.

Despite clear evidence showing them holding hands, Luna Qin issued a post saying, “I’ve always respected Teacher Wu. No dating, no videos, no stories.” Kris Wu never addressed the rumors. After Kris Wu’s rape scandal snowballed, Luna Qin had pinned the same denial post from two years ago. Except this time, netizens were empathetic towards Luna Qin and even said she was also a victim.

Two years after that fateful day, Luna Qin wrote a lengthy post about the aftermath of that dating scandal on August 30:

“If it’s said that fate always has a turning point, then mine was probably around August 30, 2019, 8:30.

Hello everyone, my name is Qin Niu Zhengwei, my father’s last name is Qin, my mother’s last name is Niu. Because I was born in the year o the tiger, so I am currently showing my power. A lot of people have only heard about me, but haven’t listened to me.

Two years ago, I appeared in the public eye very abruptly and was pushed to the forefront of public opinion, and then it just ended carelessly with one sentence. At the time, someone would transfer 0.01 to my Alipay account each time and include a message saying insulting things like sl ut. In one night, I received close to 200 RMB. I remember there was a phrase I often saw, ‘Green tea, NMSL (Your mother is dead.)’. Some people went to the school’s official Weibo and left bad reviews to put pressure on me by registering to withdraw from school because of academic misconduct. There were people who created posts and started to organize the timelines to figure out my motives, one picture fulfilled my ‘girl group dreams’. There were people who spread group pictures and old pictures of my nails, mixing up what’s real and fake for discussions. Oh right, there was even someone who looked for me to film a series, it’s a green tea role, letting me portray my true colors…

They have never interacted with me before, but they all have a mouth. Whatever they say goes…it’s so easy to create rumors. What’s difficult is you don’t even know how to prove you didn’t those things before.

Fortunately, I don’t have depression. I just became even quieter, like the moon, avoid crowds…until my family also got affected…After repeated hesitation, I went to ‘Youth With You 2’. I wanted to protect my family and also wanted everyone to get to know me again. Even if you just understood my voice, I think if there is someone who is willing to protect you, then let there be more of those people.

I still remember all along those righteous voices that defended me among the gossip…my family screenshotted each picture to save everyone’s kindness. I still believe that perhaps one day, I will become even stronger…kindness will always be right, the brightness might be late sometimes…

‘Once you’ve been a storm, you will no longer be that person.’

Two years later today, I received apologies from many people and completed many firsts. Even though it’s young and tender, but it’s considered to be slowly on the way. Everything that is better is still not finished and to be continued…

I’ve thought about justifying myself many times, thinking I would definitely be filled with tears, have mixed feelings. However, once this day came, the only thing that remained was actually tranquility. It turns out time can really calm down a lot of deep thoughts I once had. I am very happy and also very sad. I am relieved.

Yes, someone in the back will always tell me dark red is still red and to work hard. However, I’ve always thought being able to choose is freedom. If it can’t be chosen, that’s called destiny. I’ve never denied the recognition and traffic I gained from this, but this was not my original intentions or choice. I miss my past ignorant self and also deeply love the Qin Niu Zhengwei that has cognition now.

It might be difficult to determine right or wrong and good or bad in the world, but it should never be based on hearsay. Without knowing the complete picture, one should withhold from commenting. On the internet, the only difference between you and I is a spectator and a clown. Life is what’s the realest and it’s private. I really want my ears to give birth to 10,000 gentle cocoons, but we can obviously let the online environment to be less hostile.

I am not afraid of being defined because all of me was already seen in one glance earlier on.

I have finally carefully finished talking about this today. I won’t mention this again and will completely let go of this and be myself. I can walk straight, stand upright, and co-exist with the shadow. Have your feet on the ground, one step by step. You can withstand being magnified, then you can accept being questioned.

It is a full stop and also a starting point.

‘It doesn’t matter. The answer exists within time.'”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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