Yang Yang and Dilraba Reunited at the “You Are My Glory” Celebratory Banquet…and it Feels So Good

Yang Yang and Dilraba Reunited at the You Are My Glory Celebratory Banquet...and it Feels So Good

Just because everyone’s favorite series this summer, “You Are My Glory” (你是我的荣耀), ended on August 30, it doesn’t mean the crazy shipping has to end. Ever since the series ended for VIP users on August 23, the slogan has been, “Not saying goodbye.”

On August 31, Tencent held a celebratory banquet with the cast and crew to celebrate the critical and ratings success of the series. As of the writing of this article, the series has garnered 3.63 billion views just on Tencent alone. Yang Yang (杨洋) and Dilraba (迪丽热巴) always topped the data ranking indexes during the series’ run.

The setting at the banquet was much more casual. When the host asked Yang Yang and Dilraba to say a few words with everyone, Yang Yang said, “Reba first”, while Dilraba continued to refer to Yang Yang with the laoshi (teacher) honorific.

There was also this little incident where Dilraba’s medal was detached from the ribbon and fell off. She immediately bent down to pick it up and Yang Yang’s first reaction is to make sure Dilraba is okay. This managed to trend on Weibo.

Dilraba showing she is the funner one and Yang Yang the more serious one.

Yang Yang was spotted drinking water at the dinner…perhaps to avoid doing flips after having one too many at a previous event.

There also seems to be a debate among YangDi CP fans that Yang Yang and Dilraba were holding hands in this group photo. There are fans have said once Dilraba moved her hand to the front, they saw a moving hand in the tiny space below her hand. Some fans have explained that it was showing the background or her clothes. Whatever it is, we will never know.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

3 thoughts on “Yang Yang and Dilraba Reunited at the “You Are My Glory” Celebratory Banquet…and it Feels So Good

  1. They need to act together again in a new series or there needs to be a sequel with them starting a family, something! Until then I’ll keep rewatching this masterpiece of a drama ❤️

  2. This was such an amazing series. I am not ready to move on! I have never done this before, but I watched the whole series in its entirety again the minute it ended! I can count on one hand the series I have watched a second time, and never right after. Their on-screen chemistry and playfulness is the best!

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