Leo Luo Yunxi Reports on His Safety After Suffering from Injury while Filming “Light Chaser Rescue”

On the night of October 14, Leo Luo Yunxi’s (罗云熙) studio reported he suffered an injury while filming on the last day of his series, “Light Chaser Rescue” (追光者). They said a professional doctor was immediately arranged to tend to Luo Yunxi’s injuries at the filming location.

At 1:35 am on October 15, the production team of “Light Chaser Rescue” explained during a filming of a scene in which Leo Luo’s character, “Luo Ben’s” negligence resulted in serious injuries for his co-worker and couldn’t be rescued. His co-worker, “Da Peng”, punches Leo Luo’s character out of anger. The team explained that the actor didn’t control his strength well and wasn’t a safe distance away from Leo Luo, which caused him to get injured. Leo Luo immediately went to the hospital to get treated and said he doesn’t have any major issues. The production team also apologized for the accident to Leo Luo and his fans and said they will continue to follow up with the progress of his recovery.

Four minutes later, Leo Luo posted as well giving an update on his condition. Leo Luo explained, “Today was the wrap up of filming for ‘Light Chaser Rescue’, but it’s very regrettable to have got injured on such a day. But don’t worry, everyone. I have already received first emergency treatment immediately and no longer have any serious problems at the moment…As an actor, it’s hard to avoid some accidents during filming. This is the specialty of this profession.”

Luo Yunxi posted a picture of a cake in celebration of wrapping up filming.

The actor who portrayed “Da Peng” that accidentally injured Leo Luo, Rock Ji (纪焕博), posted shortly afterwards and apologized for his mistake and explained, “I got along with Yunxi very well…because of my minor mistake during filming, I hit Yunxi and caused Yunxi to get hurt. At that moment, I was extremely frightened, extremely, extremely guilty, guilty that one mistake made such a good person, such a good actor, such a good brother get hurt. I am extremely, extremely, extremely sorry. I hope Yunxi will have a speedy recovery…Lastly, I’d like to sincerely and solemnly apologize to Yunxi once again, sorry.”

Rock Ji

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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