Zhou Jieqiong’s Studio Denies Dating Rumors After She was Spotted Hanging Out with a Male Friend

Zhou Jieqiong (周洁琼) was caught up in dating rumors on October 22 when YOUKU’s paparazzi filmed her with a male friend eating Shabu Shabu at a shopping center. At one point, the friend is seen putting his arms around Zhou Jieqiong while they were crossing the street. However, he let go after they crossed the street. They were later seen taking a stroll at a park.

Dating rumors started circulating. However, shortly after the news was reported, Zhiu Jieqiong’s studio denied the dating rumors, saying, “Just had a meal with a friend that lives in the same neighborhood. Please don’t over interpret it.”

See full video: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4695017646915593?from=old_pc_videoshow

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

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