IXFORM’s Debut EP Trends for Sounding Good Before its Release

After 104 days into their debut, “Youth With You 3’s” boy group, IXFORM, released its first EP on November 5. The EP is titled “Jiang Zhi”, which means “Approaching” or “Coming”, and contains two songs, “So Hot” and “BET”.

Before the EP was released, it was already trending on Weibo with the hashtag, “IXFORM’s new songs sound good”. This led to some netizens commenting, “This hot search was bought too early.”, “It’s very clear this hot search was bought.”, “Clicked into the hashtag and looked for a long time. Where is the song?”, and more.

What’s interesting is the songs were released on Tencent Music Entertainment’s (TME) Youtube channel.

“So Hot”


Netizens also noticed that all these survival boy bands have one thing in common — that is they all contain the words “feng bao/bao feng”, which means storm, in their lyrics. This applies for ONER, UNINE, TNT, R1SE, S.K.Y, INTO1, and IXFORM.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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  1. The song is actually quite catchy, and was better than I expected (disclaimer: I had very low expectations). But the camera work made me dizzy, and some of the dance was messy. I also didn’t get why they were in a dark dungeon for a song about hot summer. Anyway, best of luck to these hard working boys!

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