Jin Han and Zhang Zhixi Announce Break Up

Chinese actor Jin Han (金瀚), and actress Zhang Zhixi (张芷溪), proudly announced their relationship last October when the two were spotted dining together and behaving intimately. Instead of denying or brushing off the rumors, Jin Han proudly admitted they were dating with a proud love declaration.

However, back in February, Zhang Zhixi blasted Jin Han for cheating on her with escorts. Zhang Zhixi later deleted the posts and said there was no cheating and it was just a misunderstanding. Jin Han’s studio also issued a statement denying the cheating allegations.

In June, the two couple were seen in public with each other’s parents and having a meal. However, on November 6, Zhang Zhixi and Jin Han announced they had split. Zhang Zhixi wrote, “Thank you everyone for your concern. I have been single for some time now. I mentioned it because I didn’t want everyone to continue to misunderstand anymore. Go with the flow in the future.”

Jin Han posted, “Grateful for this journey. Wishing both of our futures to be well. Thank you to everyone’s concern.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)

3 thoughts on “Jin Han and Zhang Zhixi Announce Break Up

  1. One thing I’d noticed China’s celebrities are very weird … They always dating others that are in the same industry. Wonder why they never look “outside of the circle” … Because no one can be forever an actor or actress, someday the fame will be over, wonder why they have never thought about this fact.

    1. Yes Ive noticed this. I great believer opposites attract. Must be a bit of competition with in the relationship for notoriety

  2. It’s better to breakup then being divorced and unhappy. I was super happy when both of them announced they’re dating, but things kinda went down the hill. Wish them both the very best of luck. Jin Han is back on the market.

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